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Kidding Reviews
30 Aug 2018    

By Eva Araϊjo (Web correspondent)

We are very proud to be a fan website but there's a moment when, we do wish to be part of the press and media.

All the media received the first four episodes of the series "Kidding" for review and so far they have been mostly positive:

Jim Carrey

"Kidding" aspires to honor the difficult emotions associated with loss while balancing out its story with a positive attitude. (…)
As Jeff, Carrey is terrific. (…) Carrey finds more nuanced ways to convey his disrupted serenity. Disappointment and worry flash across his face like cars on a race track - just when you think they're gone, they zip by again until the blur becomes permanent. Carrey has always been able to evoke melancholy when called for, and heaps of it are demanded here. What's more impressive is how convincing he remains when earnestly advising his audience or standing up to his producer. (…)"

"(…)"Kidding" feels caught between too many tones and ideas to become quite as distinctive as it could be. The series vacillates between uplifting anecdotes about the endless possibilities of kindness and deeply depressing shots of existential bleakness - sometimes on purpose; sometimes, not so much. (…)"

Now Toronto:
"(…)Kidding has its own touching but flighty charms.(…)"

"(…)Kidding gets stuck somewhere between comedy and drama, and isn't entirely successful at either. (…) Carrey is, of course, just about the perfect choice to play Jeff. He's a vastly underrated actor (how does he not even have an Oscar nomination?) and his innate warmth easily elevates the material he's given here. (…)The show also deserves credit for not offering easy answers on the complicated process of grief.(…)

Please check out the links for the full reviews.

No matter what kind of reviews, we all hope people like the show and form their own opinion after watching it.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

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