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Darabont impressed with Carrey's acting
06 Apr 2001    

"It's good to be king!" -- and it's also good to be Army Archerd. The senior Variety columnist got to talk with Frank Darabont on "The Majestic" set in Ferndale and published on today's column some very flattering comments from the director regarding Jim Carrey's performance in the movie.

According to Darabont, Jim Carrey is "the most committed actor I've ever seen. When he shows up on the set it starts vibrating. He took my breath away." The director also added that "the movie is wonderfully Capra-esque. I've always seen Jimmy Stewart in Jim Carrey. He's such a fan of his and loves his movies. We really vibe'd."

Archerd also found out that another LA scene already shot took place at the Formosa Cafe, a legendary artists hang-out, located near the Warner Hollywood Studios in Santa Monica Boulevard. In this scene Carrey's character is in a deep emotional turmoil, having lost in the same day his job and his girlfriend. Darabont said to the columnist on the subject that "Jim did a beautiful job -- one he's not been given the opportunity to do."

To learn more about the Formosa, and read Archerd's column, visit the links below:

- Yahoo! Headlines: Carrey takes Darabont's breath away -
- Seeing-Stars: The Formosa Cafe -

-- With a big Spank You to JCO's German Correspondent, Angelika Geyer, for the Variety bit. Click to comment this article.

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