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Lora meets Laurie
02 May 2001    

Lora Jabot got to meet Laurie Holden on Easter Eve and was so gracious as to send us this cool pic and a few comments made by Laurie during their chat:

Lora Jabot and Laurie Holden
Lora and Laurie.
© Lora Jabot

«We had a nice chat...about the movie, the Humboldt weather, the costumes...she told me I looked like I was in the movie...and then I woke up!! She Loved it in Humboldt County, and says it's the great thing about what she does, to travel and see places that she would never see, and to meet the people that make the places!»

Click on the thumbnail for the full version.

-- With many thanks to Lora @ Jabot's Vintage Boutique for the great photo. Click to comment this article.

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