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Billy Moore's adventures on "The Majestic" set
08 Jul 2001    

Billy and his '47 Ford Sedan got to participate in "The Majestic" filming in Ferndale and Fort Bragg. Here's the very interesting report he sent us of their "Majestic" set adventures:

«It was a once in a lifetime treat and I guess it was my turn. I was invited by the Castle Rock Picture, Inc. movie production company to be part of their currently in [post] production movie entitled "The Majestic."

The movie takes place in the year 1951 in the town of Lawson, California. It will be the first drama type movie for actor Jim Carrey. His leading lady is Laurie Holden of the TV X-Files series. This will be her first major movie role.

The producer / director is Frank Darabont. The same director of "The Green Mile" and "The Shawshank Redemption."

Prior to my joining the movie company in Ferndale, CA (Lawson), our little 47' Ford Sedan had been selected to be the Sheriff's car in the production. It had been in storage for about 8 years and it's ability to do the required job for the movie expectations was unknown. About a month and a half's worth of work was done in 2 weeks to meet the pickup deadline. The company picked up the vehicle at our residence in Ukiah, CA and took it to Fortuna, CA where it was painted into the Sheriff's motif. When the car's use was over, the company left the law enforcement look at my request. This was my profession before I retired so having the Ford looking in such a way was a perfect addition to our family.

I started with Castle Rock Pictures in mid March while they were on location in Ferndale. I completed in mid May in Fort Bragg. I had a lot of fun meeting virtually all the actors and everyone on the production staff. My behind the scenes experiences, along with working with the older vehicles, being an extra, both as a vehicle driver and in the crowds, could fill a small novel. I don't think I will ever view another movie the same way as I did before. Movie production is really magic in many ways .

I wasn't able to get Mr. Carrey to autograph the inside of the Sheriff's car glove box door. I tried but he was not into signing many autographs. I did give him a custom Hot Wheels vehicle with my signature and photo on the card. In fact, I made quite a few Hot Wheels customized and personalized vehicles on cards for the actors and staff.

I was able to express to Mr. Darabont and other movie powers (read that Mr. Jim Behnke, Executive Producer/Production Manager, a terrific person) that it would be a dream come true if they were able to use the little Ford on the movie poster, in the background, parked in front of the Majestic. I've also offered the Ford's use for the movie's premier opening.

Thanks to the following people who helped in some way with our Ford movie car: Maralyn Moore, my wife, Bruce Masterson. Bob Dorsey, Rick Hansen, Ron Duwe, Mike Bazzani, Donnie Harpe, Jim Montgomery, Al Bazzani, Ray Jacobs, Mike Price (Castle Rock Northern California Picture Car Coordinator), Dave Marder (Transportation Coordinator), Vern Tardel and Ron Hunt.

In conclusion I will restate my original statement - it was really a dream come true.»

Billy Moore also kindly sent us the following photos and descriptions illustrating his participation in "The Majestic" production:

© Billy Moore
«Lawson Sheriff Coleman (Brent Brisco), driving my 1947 Ford, picked up Luke (Jim Carrey) along with Harry Trimble (Martin Landau) Luke's father, at the doctor's office. They drove through Lawson showing Luke the town. They then arrived at the old "Majestic" theater which was closed, run down and appeared to be abandoned. The sheriff is opening the rear door so Luke can get out and Harry Trimble is coming around the front of the vehicle.»

© Billy Moore
«This is a photo of myself, in costume, standing next to my sheriff's car on location in Ferndale. On the first day of shooting in Ferndale, Mr. Darabont saw me standing in the street and commented on what a nice tie I had on. This photo was taken when they had just completed shooting the scene where the sheriff (Mr. Brisco) arrived at the doctor's office and Mr. Carrey got into the back seat to be driven around town. During the various shots using our little Ford, Mr. Carrey was in and out of the back seat approximately 25 times. He did say hi to me a few times.»

-- With our thanks to Billy Moore for the cool report and photos. Click to comment this article.

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