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He Cometh
19 Dec 2002    

By BCDavis (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

We're getting more and more "Bruce Almighty" news down the pike, which is always a good thing for the curious. (Which encompasses pretty much every Carreyholic, and those who are just following this film's progress.)

We've heard complaints that the codec quality of the "Bruce Almighty" trailer in Windows Media and Real Player just isn't good enough. There have been some who have wanted it in Quicktime format. Well, God has downloaded your prayers onto his computer and has answered your prayers! Go to "Bruce Almighty" Quicktime trailer. Sometimes God answers "yes," sometimes God answers "no," and sometimes God answers "just wait..."

Aaaaand while we're on the "Bruce Almighty" subject, check out our brand spankin' new "Bruce Almighty" picture gallery!

Now, I told you that God sometimes answers "just wait." Here's what you get: "Bruce Almighty" international release dates!

  • May 23, 2003 - USA
  • June 05, 2003 - Czech Republic
  • June 16, 2003 - Germany
  • June 16, 2003 - Austria
  • July 09, 2003 - France
  • August 14, 2003 - Argentina

The "Bruce Almighty" updates now exiteth...

-- Source: Universal Pictures. With thanks to JCO Advisor "Mon Almighty" for the Quicktime tip and picture gallery update, and to Corresponent Tommy Pihl @ Jim Carrey Nettet for the release date info. Click to comment this article.

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