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Official Website
15 Nov 2005    

By Nicola West (Web Correspondent)

Well it's here!

After months of waiting, the Official Fun with Dick and Jane site is finally up and running, and with fun and games for the kids and trailers and pics for the adults there's something for everyone. Play Dick's buzzword translator and be an expert in 'communication'. Put in your phrases and it'll translate them into corporate jargon- (typing in 'Jim Carrey is Hot!' resulted in 'Jim Carrey is intriguing' when i had a go'). Or kick box with Jane, Belly flop with Billy and pay Blanca in electrical appliances... there's something for everyone in the games section.

© Sony Pictures Digital Inc.

In the regular menu there's a nice selection of unseen pics, links to trailers and storyline. However, the site is incomplete and lacking the cast and crew and production notes, these are pending and will hopefully follow soon. It's a colourful albeit small site and worth a look.

-- Source: Sony Pictures. Click to comment this article.

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