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Me, Myself & Irene

Picture from Me, Myself & Irene - While talking to Charlie's sons, one of the detectives says that Charlie shot a prized cow in the head 6 times, however, counting the actual shots, there's 1 shot, then 2, and then 6 more, making a total of 9 shots instead of 6.
(from Danny Marsh, Jeff Kelch, Alec Torres, Tjibbe Rijpma, Michael Wood, Kate Yansak, Keag, David Wiens and Alandreamartin)

- In "Me, Myself & Irene", when Charlie is hitting the cow, he throws his gun away, but when the cow is supposely dead, he lies on the ground and the gun is just next to him...
(from Andrea Dion)

- Near the end Jim Carrey's character gets his thumb shot off. If you look carefully you can see his thumb tucked into his hand in the following scenes.
(from Josh Emilson and Amber Luepkes)

- The blood comes flowing out of Charlie's hand before he gets his thumb shot off.

- In the motel scene Charlie gets two cokes. When he returns we see Irene taking off her left shoe twice from different camera angles.

- When Jim Carrey is in the office scene with the two officers you see the microphone head pop into the shot. And when the midget is hitting Jim when he is younger then the microphone again pops into the shot. Later on in the movie Jim had shown his penis to loads of people and he falls onto the ground, whilst doing this he is holding his head but as he falls on the floor by magic his belt is fully fastened again, how could he have done that in a split second!
(from Robin)

Man on the Moon

Picture from Man on the Moon - When he does the Elvis impression, just before he turns around he has the guitar with him but then in the next shot he doesn't.
(from Smanfa)

- In the office Kaufman's agent tells him that he has a gig with a major network - he doesn't say what network - yet Kaufman tells Danny DeVito that ABC has give him what he wants.
(from StevenZ)

-When Andy first appears on SNL, the announcer says "Welcome back to Saturday Night Live." It wasn't called Saturday Night Live when it first started.

- When Shapiro meets Tony Clifton for the first time Tony is eating spaghetti, sucking them in in a rather gross manner. When the camera angle changes you see the same spaghetti disappear in his mouth again.

- Early into the movie Andy is taking part in a meditation session. There is a wide shot of the whole group, which is seated in four concentric circles. Andy is sitting in the second circle, with two more circles behind him. When the camera angle changes to a front shot on Andy the two people behind him have changed, and the outer circle has disappeared.

The Truman Show

Picture from The Truman Show - When the new attractive colleague is being introduced to Truman in his office, he is just talking to a client on the phone. He waves hi to the lady and says how fragile life is, and suddenly his ring cam (camera ring) is gone - vanished from his hand.
(from Dana "Pet Detective")

- In "The Truman Show", right after Truman starts to realize something is going on, he goes to get Marlon, who is filling a candy machine. As the scene proceeds the number of candy bars in the machine changes.
(from Greg Gleason)

- In the scene where Marlon & Truman sit at the beach and Marlon says "That's a nice paintbrush He got..." take a look at the phase of the moon! If the sun is next to the moon, the moon would be a crescent, not full.
(from Sonja Eberhard)

- When Truman goes up the stairs, his shadow is on the left, when Truman walks through the door, the shadow is on the right.
(from Sonja Eberhard)

- In the pre-titles sequence, when Marlon talks, the building in the background has one story, during the movie three, and when Meryl talks about it (about the elevator accident) even ten.
(from Sonja Eberhard)

- When Truman is chasing the bus, the little dog runs into a building--a second later he crosses in front of Truman.
(from Sonja Eberhard)

Liar Liar

Picture from Liar Liar - In "Liar Liar" at the end, where Max has just blown out his candles on his sixth birthday, Fletcher and Audrey are kissing. When you first see them, Audrey's hair is in front of her shoulder, but in the next scene it's stroked back, then back down AGAIN.
(from Frank Rubino)

- In "Liar Liar" when Fletcher is beating himself in the toilet you'll notice that the toilet is rubber. It moves when he hits himself with the toilet seat!
(from Fegisje and Katie Yansak)

- Fletcher turns around and bumps into his boss (the one he slept with), is startled, and screams "Holy Hell." He runs away, jumps against a door to open, and literally leaps into the stairwell. When he stops, he bumps into the wall, and the wall visually moves (because it's only a prop).
(from Jim Beck)

- At the end, Fletcher proves that since his client was underage at the time she signed the prenuptial agreement, the contract was null and void, and she won the money. BUT... the reason she lied about her age was so that she could get married... but a marriage license is a legal contract, too, which would mean that since she was underage, the marriage was null and void also. Therefore, she would not be owed one cent, because she was never legally married to the guy.
(from Jim Beck)

- In the scene where Max's mom is driving him to school, his seat belt is alternately on, off, then on again.
(from C0oLC, Darren Strohm, Shanward, TheOffspring and Jonathan Park)

- In the movie "Liar Liar" in the last ten minutes of the movie, Fletcher says to Max he loves him. Max says it has to be true, but then Fletcher discovers he could lie for a half hour. When he hugs Max, his watch says 12:15.
(from Zdan)

- At Max's fifth birthday party, Audrey and Jerry are talking about Fletcher, and Audrey puts five green candles on the table. In the next shot, they're in the cake. They seemed to magically jump into the cake, but they're all off-skewered. But in the next scene when Max is making the infamous birthday wish, they're magically straightened.
(from Missy Smedstad)

- After Gretta tells Fletcher the story of her friend, she asks him, "Now is that justice?" and Fletcher replies, "No, I'd a got him ten." she leaves and he says, "I didn't understand the question ask me again." That was a lie he told, he understood.
(from Badgemaster and Walter "Ace" T.)

The Cable Guy

Picture from The Cable Guy - After Chip's parody of "Midnight Express" he suddenly has the telephone in his hand again.
(from Patricia Alzamora)

- In "The Cable Guy", after Chip makes his slam dunk and he lands in the broken glass you can see that they dusted off the glass for Jim to land in.
(from Ally Macks)

- After Chip's parody of "Midnight Express" he suddenly has the telephone in his hand again.

- In the scene where Chip and Steven are jousting at Medieval Times, Steven knocks Chip of his horse, and Chip drops his lance right before he goes flying back a large number of feet. In the next shot, the lance is behind Chip.

- In the scene where Chip breaks the glass on the backboard, he falls on his back in the glass. If you look, there is a perfect outline of his body in the glass where he is supposed to land.

- Steven turns the TV on because "Sleepless In Seattle" is starting. But after Chip "repairs" the cable connection, there's a scene on which is supposed to appear later in the movie.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Picture from Ace Ventura 2 - In "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls", toward the end, when Ace confronts the consulate while he is playing chess, the first few shots of the consulate show the chess pieces on the board. Then the camera goes back to him and the chess pieces are gone.
(from Justin, Ray Hennessey, Brett, Joshmeiste, Jared, Stu, Tim-M-Construction, Chrissy, BJ Neary, James Denham, Rhiannon Bertrand, MTMT, Kelbel, Bill and Crystal)

- In the scene where Ace hocks a loogie on everyone, they all come out with spit on their faces laughing... next scene Ace's face is clean.
(from Schuey)

- When Ace is driving the car (near the beginning), before he turns into the jungle "short cut", they are in clear terrain. When they show him turning, there are tons of trees around.
(from KidLaymo)

- In the movie "Ace Venture: When Nature Calls", Ace comes to the consulate with a book (with the definition of Guano in it). When he "parks the car" he has the book when he rolls out but when he storms into the room, where the consulate is playing chess with himself, he has no book in his hands BUT when he reads the definition of Guano, he suddenly has it again!
(from Lamika)

- When the guy says "Sorry White Devil, I must kill you now" and he throws the spear at Ace, the one he throws is a lot bigger than the other.
(from Lisa)

- Ace's watch always shows the same time.

- Are there jaguars, tigers, Indian elephants, crocodiles or skunks in Africa?

- Ace lands in the dust while he fights against the Wachootoo. You can see the mat below the sand which should be an upholstery for the stuntman.

- When Ace is tied up to the raft you can see on the stream at the end of his head that the raft is fixed. There are waves which wouldn't be there if the raft were real.

- Search for a parking space: Ace tears the steering wheel to the right, but the tires are aligned to the left. And suddenly the jeep turns over toward the other direction.

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