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Batman Forever

Picture from Batman Forever - The young Bruce Wayne falls into the cave. He looses the red book while he falls down, but he has the book in his hands again after he arrives.

- At the end, when Two-Face is confronted by Batman, you can see a safety net below him. But you can't see it when he falls down.

- On Halloween The Riddler and Two-Face show up at Bruce Wayne's door. When The Riddler knocks out Alfred, Alfred falls to the ground and pushes the tray away so The Ridler can walk through.
(from Matt)

- When Riddler and Two-Face are stealing diamonds, the Riddler is holding a large diamond. Two Face comes over to him and produces an even bigger one. However, if you look closely at the shots, the diamond the Riddler holds gets smaller in one cut, and Two Face then pulls out the diamond Riddler was just holding.

- When the Riddler and Two-Face are in their getaway van after robbing the jewelery store, the Riddler has his green hat on, but in the next shot, it has switched to a tiara.

The Mask

The Mask is dancing - During the musical number "Cuban Pete", Jim Carrey's blue shirt is sometimes tucked in and sometimes is not.
(from Esther Jacobo and Tu2Tamu)

- In "The Mask" Lt. Kellaway finds a green mask in Stanley's jacket pocket. The mask has ears.
(from Corthell)

- When The Mask paints the flush handle, near the end of the movie, watch the far left hand side when it shows Tina and The Mask. The Mask is shutting a door on the tree where the flush handle really is.
(from Walter "Ace" T.)

- At the Coco Bongo, when The Mask is dancing with Tina, his hat is seen in some shots, not in others.
(from Tom Patierno)

- While in Mrs. Peenmans' hall, just before she shoots him, his hands switch places on the mallet. In the first shot, his left hand is on the bottom, right hands on the top. In the other two shots, it is vice-versa.
(from Tom Patierno)

- Stanley in prison: The toilet paper on the toilet disappears inexplicably.

- Sometimes Stanley's pajama jacket is tucked into his trousers, sometimes it hangs over his trousers.

- Stanley gets a visit by Peggy in the bank. The newspaper on his suitcase lays in a different way than Charlie put it there.

- The search through the Mask's pockets in the Landfill Park: The police guy takes things out of his pockets which you can see on the floor before he takes them out.

- The Mask Tyrell gets 8 hits by bullets, after this he spits 15 bullets.

- Milo grabs the flying wooden mask. He bites into the chin of the mask, but one second later he has the mask in a different position in his mouth.

Dumb and Dumber

Picture from Dumb & Dumber - When they are driving to Colorado, the green sign says "Omaha 43 miles, Denver 602 miles." They get to the gas station at 2:15 a.m. This is close to the Colorado State Line. If it is already dark at the sign, it would be impossible to go approximately 600 miles in about 6 hours tops going 65 m.p.h.
(from Keag)

- In the Sheepdog van, Lloyd looks at Harry and the window in closed. He looks at him again and it is open. It is closed again on the next look.
(from Keag)

- There is a scene in "Dumb And Dumber" when Lloyd is talking to Mary at the airport. In the background between them you see these two guys walking. They get closer and closer. Then they cut to a shot of the back of Jim's head and Lauren. But, when they go back to the previous view, those same two guys are walking towards them but this time they are farther away!
(from John J. Stemmer)

- In "Dumb And Dumber", at the end, Nicholas has just shot Harry two times in the chest. Harry then pops back up and misses all six of his shots. The next view is of Nicholas, and his gun clearly shows he is out of bullets! Then the view goes to the front door, where the FBI barge in. The next shot is back to Nicholas, who has amazingly reloaded in the course of two seconds!
(from Payton Bartee)

- The girl is supposed to leave the suitcase next to the stairs, but she sets it almost in the middle of the airport, at least 15 meters away from the stairs.
(from Robby Linke)

- In a scene Jim squirts mustard and ketchup all over his face and some of it gets on his left arm of his jacket. But when the kidnapper comes back from his phone call the ketchup and mustard stains are gone. Not even dried in the jacket, but gone.
(from Ryan)

- When Harry and Lloyd are driving down the road and they pick up Joe Mentalino, there is no middle seat, but when he is in the car there is a middle seat.
(from Michael D. Root)

- When Lloyd gets his wallet trapped in the "Rhode Island Slut" magazine vendor, he says "Cripes!", and then he stands up. At that moment if you look into the vendor, the wallet is gone.
(from Matt and Anarchist)

- When Lloyd is shown backing-up the limo to flirt with the girl, the limo is quite far from the curb. On the second shot, the limo is closer.
(from Matt)

- In the scene where the cop is chasing Lloyd and Harry while the two are in the van, Harry is frantically trying to hold all of the urine-filled beer bottles in his hands while continuing to maintain control of the vehicle. Harry says "What are you, a camel?" The very next shot shows Harry without the bottles. Then the following shot reveals a sudden reappearance of the bottles, and Harry again trying to handle all of them.
(from Veronica)

- When they pick up the Mexicans & sing the Mockingbird song & the guy in the back is playing the guitar, look harder, he's not really playing.
(from Coolcat)

- When Lloyd says "It's a Shagon wagon, chicks love it." then Harry throws his cap on the floor and you see it in the middle. Next time you see it, it's by Harry's foot and finally it's by Lloyd's foot.
(from Brandon Allred)

- In the beginning just before Harry tells Lloyd "Aspen it is." The beer bottle on the floor by the couch moves.
(from Walter "Ace" T.)

- Petey's (the bird) chest is blue in the beginning but when the blind boy has Petey his chest is a grayish color.
(from Walter "Ace" T.)

- When Lloyd is in the bathroom and Seabass breaks down the door the graffiti on the side wall is different.
(from Walter "Ace" T.)

- Lloyd's watch at the beginning of the movie reads 2:15, the same time written on the bathroom wall.

- Lloyd grabs the barkeeper by the collar. He grabs him with his left hand, but in the next scene you can see him grabbing the barkeeper with his right hand. [RealVideo Clip of this scene (655 KB)]

- The landscapes you can see from the inside and outside of the car are not always the same.

- The things on the tables in the snack bars where Lloyd and Harry go to eat seem to have their own lives. Knives, glasses, cups, jugs... everything seems to be in different positions from scene to scene. [RealVideo Clip of this scene (763 KB)]

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