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How Roland Rolls
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Media Campaign

National broadcast media appearances, book signing events and social media marketing:

April 21, 2014
White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington. Book reading

April 21, 2014
Live with Kelly & Michael. Interview

October 26, 2013
Barnes & Noble in LA. Book signing

October 19, 2013
Barnes & Noble in Atlanta. Book signing

October 7, 2013
ET Canada. Interview

October 7, 2013
KiSS 92.5. Radio interview

October 6, 2013
City News Toronto. Interview

October 6, 2013
Indigo Books in Toronto. Book signing

October 5, 2013
Barnes & Noble in NYC. Book signing

September 26, 2013
Good Morning America. Reportage

September 23, 2013
The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Interview

June 1, 2013
BookExpo America. Jim Carrey autographing

May 31, 2013
BookExpo America. Jim Carrey autographing

Jim Carrey Online's Review

How Roland Rolls - A Review
By Eva Araķjo (Web correspondent)

Writing a review for any Jim Carrey project, should be easy. Itís just an opinion, right?

And even though it is just my opinion, in truth, the only thing that doesnít make it easy at all is the thought of the adjectives you want to use, and the constant feeling that they are not enough. I feel like that every time I talk about Jimís work.

I pre-ordered "How Roland Rolls" and I was very excited when it arrived last Friday (September 27th) at my house. From someone who lives an ocean away (Portugal) and who has made of this book her first ever online purchase, I can tell you that I was anxious.

Iím a 27 year old woman that turn to 9 when I open the package for the first time. That was my first warning that I made the right choice in putting my faith in what Jim Carrey has to say, share and teach us: My inner child was glowing with excitement!

Jim Carrey

I loved the idea of having a plastic poster cover, to protect the hard cover of the book. It has some texture too, which shows me the good work of the professionals involved. When I opened it I saw the sign Illustration and a smile came instantly. After reading the book my smile continued in my face...

My inner child was satisfied and the fan was very proud. = )

Roland and his adventure is a brilliant metaphor to life struggles as well as fears. As a child we have a lot of thoughts in our heads and sometimes as grownups we tend to forget the simplicity that as kids, we believed (and sometimes knew) some things could be.

I hope to see in the future, more of Jimís writing because I know I will learn more. The story itself was very well writing. Simple and clean which I personally like.

I was very much impressed by the quality of printing of this book as well. Itís so good, I was even careful flipping through the pages as I read it. ^^í Rob Nason is also fantastic! His illustrations are so breathtaking! I wish I had just 1% of this guy drawing talent!

Jim Carrey

I know Jim wrote the book for kids and their parents and I guarantee you itís by far the best story I have read for families to share together. Children will learn through Roland and adults will learn what they may have forgotten.

We all go through struggles and moments of doubt and fear, but this book sends a posited message for adults and kids to keep on rolling, keep on going because everything will turn out fine. Thatís exactly what Roland learns through his journey. Through the fear he had of hitting the beach he soon realizes that nothing bad happened, in fact, he realizes that wellÖ heís the whole ocean and that weíre all connect together.

I was talking to the mother of a great friend of mine yesterday. When I told her that Iím a fan of Jim Carrey she gave one of the best responses I ever got from someone who may not be one. She said:
"Oh I really like him. Iím not exactly is fan but I do like him. I have the impression that heís a really good and especial guy."
"He is." I reply. I said without thinking or doubt or hesitation and after reading "How Roland Rolls" and being completely mesmerized, page, after page, Iím more certain of it.

It takes more to share his own views of the world than just having a gift. You have to know how to use it, and use it well. But above it all, to reach peopleís hearts and minds, you need to have good in you. You have to have your heart filled with love to be willing to help someone realize that weíre not alone in this world, that weíre all connected and that like Roland... weíre not just a wave... weíre the whole big wide ocean!

Jim did that through Roland.
And trust me...
...its worth to join the wave!

Jim Carrey

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