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Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment
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What's it about

Founded by transformational marketing pioneer John Raatz, international bestselling author/teacher Eckhart Tolle, and actor/activist Jim Carrey, GATE, The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization and evolving community whose supporters realize the vital and expanding role media and entertainment play in creating our lives, and who aspire to consciously transform those domains for the benefit of all. GATE's mission is to Transform the World by Transforming Entertainment and Media.™. The organization is open to anyone who works within the creative community, and members of the general public, who wish to support the mission of expanding transformational entertainment and media.

GATE provides valuable and relevant knowledge, resources and services to a wide range of professionals in the media, entertainment and arts industries, to aid in their personal transformation and to help them create and distribute content that expresses their transformational worldview.

Jim Carrey

The seeds of GATE were sown in 1979 when a small committed group of actors, musicians, writers, business professionals and others joined together to teach meditation to members of the entertainment and media communities. Reception was abundantly positive, but it was just a niche group then. However, in these past 30 years a remarkable sea change has occurred. The growth of awareness has been dramatic. Interest in spirituality, healing, peace, ecological issues and other progressive concerns and affinity values has mushroomed exponentially.

GATE was formally inaugurated on June 4, 2009 at the Zanuck Theater on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles. About 500 people from the entertainment, media and body/mind/spirit communities attended the event. Interest was unprecedented, and demand for seats far exceeded capacity: 1,500 people were turned away. Hosted by GATE founder/chairman John Raatz and actor/activist Jim Carrey, a keynote talk by author and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle galvanized the group. Presentations were made by industry professionals from film, television, music, and publishing. Melissa Etheridge and Donovan provided musical entertainment. Presenters and audience members alike enthusiastically endorsed and applauded the birth of the GATE movement, recognizing the role that entertainment and media plays in projecting our reality, and supporting the transformation of these industries in order to make those projections more positive and life enhancing.

GATE is also becoming involved in linking transformational filmmakers with connections and resources that will enable them to achieve the birth of important new works.

GATE furthermore continues to present workshops, seminars and other events that increase knowledge about transformational entertainment; create networking opportunities for its members that will foster more transformational vehicles; conduct advocacy among industry influencers; raise the profile of its message, and increase its footprint-planning chapters in the U.S. and around the world.

GATE continues to grow and attract a wide range of people who share and are inspired by the organization's mission - from high level executives and high profile actors and authors, to a vast variety of creatives and people working behind the scenes in TV, movies, music, digital entertainment and other professions touching on the entertainment world.

Jim Carrey

GATE's Mission

The threefold mission of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment seeks to empower entertainment and media professionals and companies to produce and distribute content that inspires new awareness-based worldviews for global audiences by providing:

Resources and guidance supporting members' personal, inner education thereby assisting them in deepening their fundamental connection with themselves which, once achieved, results in the desire to express that essential sense of self and personal transformation in and through their work. Issues education: support to bring to awareness responsibility for the ideas, issues and events that are shaping the world we live in - for both "good and ill." And mentorship - giving back and supporting the next generation of industry professionals.

Resources and services to help members in the entertainment and media businesses, who are living a transformational lifestyle, to connect with their like-spirited peers. GATE offerings will encourage collaboration to create content that expresses transformational intentions and values.

Within the trade, support to help the larger media and entertainment communities understand transformation and its importance in a cultural and global context, and to help them become comfortable with the reality of transformation. In the public arena, to help legitimize the genre of transformational entertainment and of transformational content in the media.

Jim Carrey

GATE Imaginal Awards

GATE will also stage its initial GATE Imaginal Awards, the first competition--similar to the Oscars®, Grammys®, and Emmys®--honoring the best works in the transformational entertainment, media and arts field.

The first annual GATE Imaginal Awards will be held in February, 2015.

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