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Cold Dead Hand Reaches 3 Million Views
10 Apr 2013    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

Since March 25th, the music video "Cold Dead Hand" has generated both controversy and applause and even though the world of reactions was as crazy and hateful as lovely and funny, it seems like no one was indifferent towards it.

The politic satire video, launched at the website Funny or Die, has reached 3 million views today, breaking records for the website itself.

According to what the website told 'The Hollywood Reporter' a couple of weeks ago, "Cold Dead Hand" is "the fastest video out of the gate since Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes just over two years ago." The video originated such a massive attention that, it's in the 58thplace of all Funny and Die videos and it's in the Top 10 in terms of viewership within first 30 days. Funny and Die also say it's 99% of the times emailed and shared by people, along with the fact that it has broken the record as the most commented video of all in Funny and Die with over 2.700 comments!

Cold Dead Hand

Hopefully Cold Dead Hand will eventually reach the top as the N║. 1 politically-themed video in Funny or Die.

Jim is no strange with collaborating with this comedy website. In 2010, he played Ronald Reagan in the video "Presidential Reunion" which has 4.7 million views - as well as being in 42nd place of all Funny and Die videos- And, in 2012 he played Santa Claus in "Drunk History Christmas" which reached 3.4 million views.

Apart from all the haters and intolerant comments, apart from all the controversy surrounding what was, for some, the funniest video ever, for others, a misunderstood satire, one thing is for sure: Cold Dead Hand is a huge success!

And we can only hope that people will open their hearts and see the truth behind the comedy and learn before judge so changes can be made for the sake of good and of all mankind.

-- Source: FunnyorDie.com. Click to comment this article.

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