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The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show
17 Dec 2014    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

"Dumb and Dumber To" has been in the USA theaters for a month now and in several other countries for weeks. Yet, Jim and Jeff are still promoting the movie, more recently in Europe.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, attended The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show from Asolute Radio (UK) to talk about the movie.

Dumb and Dumber To

Jim is the one starting the interview... and as usual, he starts with a bang: "And 1, 2, 3, go! And action!" The host says to Jim that he likes the counting and Jim immediately replies: "(...) Human beings need a beginning and an end. We can't just float endlessly in space with no kind of form. Even though we are flying six thousand miles around the sun at any one moment in tectonic plates tat are floating on lava. But I still feel safe, don't you? And then there's the ebola." Jim then plays with his mic to the amusement of Jeff and the interviewer.

Christian tells them how much he loved the movie and Jeff is the one to ask if he ever did interviews with people he hated the movie and he replies that when that happen he normally says he liked the music of it. Perfect cue for Jim: "I always have to say that to Chris Nolan. Excellent visuals Christ!"

Asked about the approach they both had about the first movie Jim says: "It was recentless really. That's why we did the movie, it was constant barrage of thousand of people following me everywhere I went, going: "I like it a lot. I like it a lot. I like it a lot." - Why do you wanna see the movie again? - "Cause I like it a lot". That kind of thing."

Christian then asks them why it took so long to make it and Jim goes right to the point: "Cause the executives are fucking idiots. Fucking idiots. Pissing on themselves with fear. (...)

Honestly, being honest about it I wanted to do it 10 years ago I kinda decided, yeah this is good, people wanna see this characters a lot and then it was kinda convincing the money people and stuff that someone could pull off a sequel so many years later. I'm not sure it has ever been done like this before, 20 years later." Jim says.

Dumb and Dumber To

They were also asked if it was fun to go back again: "It was a blast!", Jim replies. "You get with the Farrelly Brothers, they are just amazing guys, just lovely amazing people. They carry everyone in their lives along with them. They don't let go of anybody. I mean the whole crew is completly unqualified. They are just people they meet in school."

When asked if they have a hard time not laughing Jim goes saying: "Jeff is basically depressed all the time! He never breaks." At what Jeff responds: "I'm afraid of anti-depressents so I just stay dark." Jim never missing a good cue remarks: "He cried for all of us." And that's when the host can't hold on the cries of laughter.

He mention a scene in the movie when Harry's daughter get her period and the joke of giving her a cork to solve the problem and how hard it is not to laugh at those scenes.

This time Jeff is the one to talk about saying "We don't crack up. We really don't. Here's the thing: he goes off and do something and if I blow then we lose a take", at what Jim replies: "And then I get to kick him in the nuts. It's a deal".

After joking about the headphones on a guy in the studio Jim is joking about the name of the radio (Absolute Radio) the interview is being transmitted: "(...) I live in the absolute. Do you know about that? There's the relative and the absolute. The relative is my relationship to you, your thing I'm watching, ok? But the absolute, means we are one thing, there's no two things." This time Jeff takes the cue to say: "And I have no relatives."

Question about a passport Jim says: "Borders mean nothing to me. They are imaginary lines that men put down out of ego and fear and a false sense of superiority." Jeff asks: "You get through customs, no problem?" - Jim says: "I have a passport. I do the dance but I'm truly alread there. When they say 'I'm not sure you can come in Sir,' I go ' I don't think you understand... I'm right behind you."

And that's how another great interview ends. Always with a positive note. Or at least a laugh one.

Here's the video for you guys to see:

We at JCO will keep you posted as more news get Dumb and Dumber.

-- Source: Absolute Radio. Click to comment this article.

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