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» Story of Marissa

Added: July 17, 2004
Home Page: Jim Carrey Is My Inspiration

I went to the first screening of Jim's upcoming movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was very very good by the way. Well, Jim is known to show up at the first screenings for his movies. So we sat as far back as possible in the theater in hopes of seeing him sneak in the back door after the lights went down. Well, we never saw him come in.

Next thing I know, after the movie we looked up and saw Jim's personal assistant, Linda. So we knew that Jim HAD to be there somewhere. So we went outside and decided to go to the back of the theater to see if Jim came out the back. When we got back there, we saw a black SUV waiting by the sidewalk with it's lights on. We sat by the car waiting to see if Jim came out and to see who was going to get into that SUV. I did not want to pass up my chance to meet him. About 30 minutes of waiting, Jim, his daughter Jane, Linda, and some other man walk out the back doors. Then a few other guys joined in the group. They were just standing out there talking. By this point it is 10:00 pm and I told them that if the group got smaller I would go over to Jim. About 10 seconds later, about 3 of the people walked off and all that was left was Jim, Jane, Linda, and the guy who I assume is a bodyguard. So I got a fresh piece of gum and decided that I should not litter (LOL) and go over to the trashcan that was about 5 feet from Jim and his group. So I started walking over there like I was on some mission from God! LOL

I threw my trash away and took one step away from the trash can and I waited. All 4 of them looked over at me at the same time and the bodyguard guy kinda tensed up a bit but Jim put is hand out towards them and said really sweetly, "No. It's okay." He looked me right in the eye, smiled really big, put out his hand before he even got over to me and walked up to me and shook my hand. So I proceeded to apologize to the group for interuppting. I looked up at Jim and I said the following: "I have been wanting to tell you something for the longest time." He was smiling at me and said, "Okay." I said, "I have recently gone through some very difficult times that I know for fact you can relate to. I was living out of a car with my family earlier this year and now I am staying in a hotel room in exchange for my stay there. I have been following your career for 12 years now and it freaks me out that my life is become parallel to your past." He said, "Oh, man." Like he was sympathetic. But he looked at me and never looked away. He seemed really interested in what I had to say.

I then said, "I have something for you. I have been carrying this around with me for awhile now." And I pulled out the letter I had written him earlier this year. I said, "It is only one page. Short, sweet and to the point." He said, "That's okay." I said, "Please read this whenever you get a chance. It explains my situation in more detail and it would be nice to vent to someone who I know understands what it is like. Plus on top of the pressure pile, I came out here to act so that just adds to the pile of crap." He said, "Don't call it crap. Just keep the faith." I said, "Well, I am still going through these hard times so it is crap. Maybe one day I will look back and laugh but not right now." And he smiled. Then he put out his hand to shake mine again so I shook it and then we were hugging.

So I told him once more to read it when he got the chance and really sweetly he said, "I will. I will. Thank you." Jim's daughter was smiling the entire time at me. LOL So I am relieved that I got to tell Jim how I feel and give him my letter about my situation. And you could tell while I was talking to Jim that he certainly did not expect me to tell him all I did. I did not ask for a picture or an autograph. That would be acting like a typical fan and I did not want to treat him like that. So I handled it very classy and did not studder or mess up what I had to say.

» Story of Melissa

Added: April, 2004

I met Jim when i was in California visitng Jul! and we were in Malibu and we saw him standing in the sand talking to people on the deck and so me and Jul noticed him and we just stopped and we kept saying to each other should we go should we not, so we finally decided to and we were walking in his direction and right away he turned and smiled and waved to us telling us to come up and i was jumping up and down saying to Jul IT IS JIM IT IS JIM!!!!!! so he asked were i was from and i said Austin Texas and im leaving tomorrow and i wanted to see you so badly! then i said if its not to much trouble could i have an autograph and he said sure! and then he asked what my name was and he wrote in the autograph book To Melissa Many Spanks Jim Carrey! Then when he finshed signing it i asked for a hug and he gave me a hug!!!!! And i asked him if he knew my cousin Tim Simek thats an actor too and Jim asked if he worked in a movie with him and I said no then Jim said oh cuz i remember working with a guy name tim but I forget his last name. Then i told Jim yea no he hasnt worked with you. Then i told Jim my heart was beating so fast cuz i couldnt believe i was talking to him and then i was so nervous that i said Your my number one fan ....I MEAN your my favorite actor! and we laughed and he smiled at me the whole time and he winked at me like 1000 times and he could tell i was nervous and excited! then when we were leaving and he shook our hands and he told me dont forget your shoes so i was all THANK YOU JIM i dont want to forget my shoes! And Jim is soooooo hot in person and hes realllly tall too!

» Story of Eleanor

Added: January, 2004

I live a few miles from Seaside Florida where they filmed The Truman Show. I have a special grandson who has Down's Syndrome. One morning I said to my grandson's mother that I wanted to try and get an autograph for my grandson, because he adores Jim Carrey. Her reply was "it sounds great but it probably won't happen". I said "one never knows what can happen, it's worth a try". When we got there he was doing his scenes and security said that he would not be signing autographs because he would be quite busy. There was a group of about 50 people who were very disappointed after hearing that. We continued to watch him do his scenes and all of a sudden he starts walking our way. I said to my daughter " I think he is walking in our direction, and she said "we should be so lucky". Before we knew it he was standing directly in front of my grandson with his hand out and he shook my grandson's hand, and said "HI BUDDY". At that moment, I said "you cannot imagine what happiness you brought to my grandson and his family". He asked if anyone had a pen, and then asked my grandson if he could sign the shirt he was wearing. We said sure.......all at the same time. Needless to say, I framed the shirt and it is hanging in my grandson's room. He acknowleged everyone that was standing there. I have met a lot of stars through the years, but this was extra special because it involved my grandson. What a gracious man. It was a pleasure to meet him. I wish him and his daughter all the happiness in the world.

» Story of Laura Laing

Added: 2003

I have a few Jim Carrey stories to tell. Back in 1976 Jim and his family lived in Burlington, ON, kitty corner from my family in a town house complex. The first time I noticed Jim was in my art class attending Aldershot High School and I can remember him doing a drawing and imitating John Wayne at the same time. Shortly after that is when his family moved away. Four years later my English Teacher, Craig Farquar had met Jim while he was performing at Yuk Yuk's in Toronto, and made arrangements to have Jim come and do a performance for the school. He had all of us howling and cheering!!!!

Laura During the next couple of years I saw Jim at Yuk Yuk's and a few times at a club called Cafe in the Park in Toronto. During that time I was attending Sheridan College in Oakville, studying Classical Animation. After one of his performance he came and joined myself and some of my fellow animation students. The conversation was quite amazing since it was right at the time that Jim was working out plans for the Duck Factory. My claim to fame is the fact that he asked me out that night - unfortunately I refused - young woman, big city, no transportation......but I did get a good night kiss, along with some photos of the two of us. Two years after that I was living in Miami and a friend of mine was working at a Comedy Club. We thought it would be great if we could get him to perform there, so I got on the phone. I managed to get a hold of someone at the Comedy Store in L.A. and they contacted Jim. My call was returned by the person at the Comedy Store, who said, unfortunately he was unable to fit it in his schedule, but he knows who you are and said to say hello!

Laura Ten years later I saw Jim again when he was in Toronto doing a breakfast show with a local radio station. We had a chance to chat, do some reminising about some old class mates and take a few photos. I showed him some of the original publicity I had saved from a Toronto based magazine called Close up where he was featured on the front cover (probably his first cover photo). He asked if he could have it and then looked at me and said, no, you keep it, it means more to you than me. I've always known Jim would make it "BIG" in the entertainment world. I've always considered him as Jim, a really great guy!

I wonder if I write a note to myself stating that we'll get together again some day and keep it in my wallet...............you never know!

» Story of Anonymous

Okay I didn't want to write anything, but after I saw that Spenceley (an extra I had the pleasure of working with) wrote in, I just had to. Well I also got to work as an extra on "The Majestic". On my second day I had to leave a scene in the Diner b/c I was feeling faint. About 20 minutes later when I was walking from where I had been resting I heard a voice ask me If I was feeling better. I looked up and it was Jim. I was a bit startled that he would be concerned with my well-being but after I got back to where the rest of the extras were, one told me that he had specifically asked about me and if I was doing alright. I answered him "Yes I'm feeling better thanks for your concern." After that my opinion on him changed drastically. Before I started doing the movie I didn't really think much of him, but now I know he is a good guy. A few weeks later I was doing a scene where a couple (another man and I) are purchasing tickets at the Majestic window from Jim. It was about 2AM and I was tired and I was displaying that tiredness by yawning. Jim looked at me and said "You should be in bed." I told him I had been at the set since 7Am that morning. He looked at me and was like "7? Wow." And also about a week later we were shooting scenes in Fort Bragg and in between scenes Jim walked by me and looked at me and said "Hey, what's up? How you've been?" So I had 3 nice encounters with him. Watching him get into character and work with his acting coach was really cool as well. In the ticket booth that night we did the ticket scene he was singing the 70's song "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. That was pretty funny. Working as an extra was a really great experience. I learned a lot but most of all I made some really great friends. It's an experience I'll never forget. It would be hard to.

» Story of Geoff Spenceley

I was an "extra" for the Majestic and I live in McKinleyville, which lies north of Ferndale on the road to Trinidad where filming also took place. So here is the story that may interest you. McKinleyville is a small unincorporated town that developed on what was once the highway 101. On Central Ave, the main drag, is located a simple bar where locals gather, namely; Central Station. Sometimes there is country music on weekends. It's not a fancy bar, just one typical of small towns, very basic, yet with character.
Well, you know how celebrities attempt to remain unnoticed as they seek privacy in their daily lives. How about having a cup of coffee or a beer or two during their travels without being harassed, where do they go and what kind of establishment do they choose?
April 18, Jim C and James Whitmore passed through McKinleyville on their way to, or from Trinidad to stop off for refreshments about 10am. They simply drove into the parking lot of "Central Station" which had not yet opened, knocked on the door and requested permission to enter. They were allowed in, had a couple of beers, left a handsome $9 tip and went on their way. While there, they did mention that the motif was better than a similar type bar in Ferndale where most of the filming was done. Yes, they did have a driver, so did not drive and drink. They had the quiet moment they needed.
I think this was wonderful--especially since the bar owner is a Limey (like me) whom I know well. Jim and James were polite and my friend treated them accordingly. We have the chairs they sat in marked!!
This letter is unusual since I am not a celebrity fan. However the movie is going to be an award winner and having had the opportunity to watch Jim closely--he is an excellent actor. Having acted in community theater for 60 years, my opinion must be of some substance.

Outside Central Station
Outside Central Station.
'Jim Carrey sat here!'
"Jim Carrey sat here!"
Opposite perspective
Opposite perspective.
© Geoffrey Spenceley

» Story of Paul Corfiatis

I live in Australia and I used play basketball for special Olympics. We went on a US tour. When we played in Chicago during July 2000, I spotted Jim sitting courtside when I was playing in a free to the public exhibition game. I was on the bench at the time. I saw a familiar face on a courtside seat opposite me. I stood up, waved my hands and pointed at him then screamed out "'Holy Testicle Tuesday', 'Allrighty then', etc..." from the bench a few times at him and he boasted a huge smile. There wasn't much crowd at the game, perhaps 2,000 people scattered throughout the United Center, more people sat in the lower rows around the court or up the very back of the third deck. When I came back into the game I tried showing off at him on the court, by driving in for really wild layups and shots. I called a timeout when I was inbounding near him and turned around and started pointing at him screaming, "THAT'S JIM CARREY!", some people around the Arena started coming down to the lower rows. But it looked like he left by halftime. All the other guys on my team started acting silly when we got back to the hotel doing various Jim impressions.

» Story of Lonnell Cook

My brother-in-law met him working as a security guard at the movie set for "The Majestic" in Ferndale, CA. They had him off guarding the town cemetary and here comes Jim walking with guards to the cemetary to film a scene. He walked by and said a few nice words then went on to film the scene. The guards would not let him do pictures or autographs.

» Story of Jenn

Hey... this is Jenn again... Well me and my friend actually got to meet Jim on Thursday April 12 [2001]! It was after he got done with a day of filming the upcoming "Majestic". Right before he was getting in his beautiful black Cadillac Escalade my friend and I, calmly as possible, walked over to him and begged for him not to leave yet and to sign autographs to us really quick before he left cause we were such loyal, and persistent fans coming everyday to watch. And he nicely came over and talked with us and gave us a hug. He was a really nice, humorous, but laid back guy. I framed that autograph and I will never forget that day!

» Story of Tonny Therm

While I was working in the production line, I saw him visiting our company. I brought him line touring around our manufacturing line. He got a lot of questions to ask. But anyway, he was such a nice guy. He adores the beauty of Bali Island.

» Story of Ricky Davis

I live in Kalamazoo MI. While at a music club called "The Club Soda", Jim Carrey and Weird Al came in. It was 1998 and Great White was playing a reunion show of some sort to a shallow crowd. While leaving the bathroom I noticed Al's big hair and his slim companion. When I noticed it was not only Weird Al, but Jim Carrey, I was shocked and excited. Too shy to approach, I watched. Jim and Al just quietly bought their drinks and sat in a corner away from the bar. At first no one noticed them. As people started to notice, Jim and Al became a bit unsettled and got up to leave (probably in fear of taking the show away from the "old rockers" Great White). As they were walking out I caught eye contact with both of the men and said "sorry". Jim gave a half smile to me and continued out the door with his pal.

» Story of Jenn & Tina

Jim Carrey is filming "The Majestic" [4/10/01] in our town and me and my sis Tina go everyday to watch the rehearsals and filming. We are long time fans and and never miss a day. We haven't got to meet him yet but this week he is supposed to be doing autographs. We know he see's us though cause we flip out every time and scream... he waves occasionally. We have been 5 feet from him too. He is hilarious also... when he messes up on a line he says funny things and between scenes he acts just like he is perceived to be... a real joker... He is also really good looking in person as in movies.

» Story of Anonymous

I'm working [4/5/01] at the set of "The Majestic" being filmed in Ferndale. Carrey was eating lunch right in the window of the restaurant while a dozen lookie-lou's craned their necks down the street to get a peek at Carrey or any of the co-stars. The best part is the restaurant was right behind the lookie-lou's! Three teenage girls and one teenage boy gave up and walked away. The boy saw Carrey in the window and pointed him out to the girls. Carrey's security diverted them by pointing out "That ain't him that's his stand-in" and the teenagers agreed that wasn't him and walked away. Too bad, it WAS Carrey.

» Story of Heather Cobb

Hi,I just looked at your Jim Carrey website and wanted to let you know I thought it was great! I work in Burlington, VT, as the manager of a camera store, and we printed hundreds of rolls "Irene" while they were in the area. We didn't get to meet Jim, but Renee came into our store about 3 times, even bringing her dog once, and she was incredibly nice and absolutely down to earth. (and very funny, too!) I also became friends with Glenn Watson, the official photographer, and went to lunch with the crew one day and the "wrap party" at the end of filming. We met a lot of the crew and with the exception of one person (who everyone who deals with the movie doesn't like, either!), found them all to be very nice. I watched the filming one day and the security people were quite respectful to everyone. The only thing even remotely nasty was one security guard saying, "ma'am, you need to stop doing that", after this woman next to me was screaming Jim's name in betweeen takes. In talking to a Vermont state trooper, I found that it was more the Vermont attitude that was a problem. He said, "you know, people lost power for a week during the ice storm (in 1997) and didn't complain. With this movie, you ask them to wait for 20 minutes and they pitch a fit!" He said he couldn't believe the reactions of some residents to just a little inconvenience.My entire staff and I are looking forward to the release, as we've basically seen the entire movie in still shots! I plan to keep checking back on your website for updates. Thanks for your time! Heather Cobb

» Story of Bill Harvey

I worked security for about 75% of "Me, Myself & Irene" in Vermont. Jim was a very friendly person to all of his fans and entire security force. One day as we were filming in Burlington, VT, a little handicapped girl in a wheelchair approached Jim and he gave her a spot in the train scene being shot. On another day, at the same location, my wife and her girl friend came to have lunch. As we were in the crew dinning tent Jim and Renée came in and sat down at our table, they were there to celebrate a crew member's birthday. Jim sat next to my wife and Renée sat next to her friend, they were very friendly saying hello to both my wife and friend. Jim is really a nice person and great actor!

» Story of Billy

I ran into Jim while I was visiting some friends in Jacksonville Florida. At first I thought it was another celeb look alike. But then after I got a good look at him I then realized that it was him. There was no way to get his attention because he was too busy fighting off the already existing mob that was following him. It would have been nice to say hello but I didn't want to seem like a freak like all the others that were bothering him that day, so I left him alone.

» Story of Anonymous

I used to hang out with Jim when he lived in Toronto. I would go to his show and then we would have french fries and gravy at Fran's next door. He used to drive my Camaro sticking his head out the driver's window just like in "Ace Ventura". I had a lot of good times with him and hope to meet up with him again some day. Jim, remember my friend with the lime green boxers and lime drink? You know who this is. I miss ya.

» Story of Kathryn A.

I wasn't with them, but quite a few years ago my parents went to Yuk Yuk's in London Ontario, Canada and Jim Carrey was there doing stand-up. They didn't get his autograph or anything like that though because he wasn't famous then. :( Bummer!

» Story of Nelson Aguilar

Well this happened about four years ago when I was working at McDonald's in Pasadena. I was taking orders in the drive thru when I recognized the person that was giving the order. At first I thought that it might be a friend because one usually recognizes a friend's voice. I had a feeling it was someone I knew though. Well when the car finally pulled up, it was a Navigator I think, I was preparing the food and so I kept glancing to see who it was. It struck me as odd because I thought it was just a normal guy. He was wearing a brown cap and looked like he had not shaved. Finally I recognized him as the one and only Jim Carrey. I felt like talking to him but I did not though. It was very exciting to see him in person and strange that he acted casually as any other customer. If any one wants to know, he had two Big and Tasty meals with no sauce with orange soda for one and the other I cannot remember.

» Story of Diane Filippeos

I have lived in Toronto most of my life, seeing I'm a big fan of comedy, I used to frequent a comedy club named "Yuk Yuks". Jim used to perform his impressions of celebrities. I loved to watch him as he became these people right before my eyes... Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Stewart, etc. He used to perform in a 3 piece suit. Even though this was many moons ago, I still remember telling people "if this kid doesn't go anywhere life is not fair"... Congrats to Jim... I knew you would make it!

» Story of Krista Lee

My story takes place in Vermont. Jim Carrey was filming the railroad and a few other scenes behind the building where my Aunt works. I was visiting her at the time, and we got to watch them filming and rehearsing all of these scenes. It was so cool! We snuck in a video camera and we got some footage of the filming, plus a lot of shots of JimQ. But that wasn't the best part, later, one day, we were all invited outside to eat lunch with Jim and the rest of the cast and crew. All of us got to talk with and meet Jim! I could've died. He was so funny, and very nice. He's a lot more attractive in person too, may I add. I can't wait to meet him again! He let me get a few pictures with him, for reminders!

» Story of Barb Knittel

I was in La Jolla, California a couple weeks ago with my friend who is in fact in love with Jim Carrey. We were fighting about where to go to eat, it was either Moondoggies or the Hard Rock Cafe. We decided on Moondoggies because we had been there before and the food was really good. So we get to Moondoggies and we are seated a booth away from the door. After we are settled in and everything this guy walks in with a little girl. I looked and immediatly freaked out. I did this double take and yelled to my friend. "Ohmigosh Linds, that's Jim Carrey." Then to the people in the booth next to me, "Is that really Jim Carrey?" So Lindsey and I were blown away by the fact that he was seated in the booth across from us. He looked so casual, not what I expected. All through dinner Lindsey and I stared at him and every time we would make fools of ourselves because we would make eye contact with him. So basically it totally looked like we were watching him eat. Anyway after he was finished eating Lindsey wanted to go talk to him. But when it can around to that time Lindsey got way too nervous and begged me to go say something. So after a lot of pleading I got up the nerve to go. So I walked up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Barb and this is my friend Lindsey." I'm so glad that we had the nerve to initiate conversation with him, we talked to him for about five minutes and he gave us both autographs. It was definitely the highlight of my vacation!

» Story of Jill Mader

I was in Universal Studio's Hollywood and they have the tram tours that you can ride on and they go around to the different movie sets. Jim was on a brake from the movie "Man on the Moon." Our tour went by the old Bates Hotel from in the movie "Psycho" and out comes a guy in a dress and wig with a big knife. He hops on the back of the tram and rides along for a while. No one really noticed that he was there! And sure enough it was Jim Carrey! No one knew it was him though because all of the make-up he was wearing! But sure enough it was him!

» Story of Anonymous

I am a private Jet pilot and for the past ten years I have been Jim Carrey's pilot. He is a Very nice man.

» Story of Steven Sonoda

Well I met Jim and Renee at an ice skating party for the cast and crew of MMI. I was hired as the D.J. for the event. I talked to both of them, Jim asked if I could turn the lights up in the rink so he could see the ice. Renee requested some Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Scar Tissue") and "Back In Black" (AC/DC) dedicated to Jim. They were both very nice, my friend got a picture taken with Renee and we both got autographs (mine on a blank C.D. signed "Slow Ride!!! Jim Carrey") and also my check for my services was personally made out by Jim. It was a lot of fun and drama (paramedics came twice) let's just say alcohol and ice skating don't mix too well!!!!

» Story of Anonymous

I got to see Jim Carrey live and in person on the set of "Man on the Moon." He didn't have any attitude and cordially shook hands of extras during breaks in the filming. He even walked down into the audience and played the conga drums near the table I was sitting at. I'll never forget that day!

» Story of Anonymous

I didn't meet him but my friend who lives in California did. She was anorexic at the time (still is, it's sad). Any ways she went to her favorite restaurant with her folks for they wanted her to eat something. And at the time she was a big Jim Carrey fan. Well she spotted him and asked for it. Jim said "No, but I'll give it to you if you eat something!" He obviously overheard her parents talking to her about her problem. Well after that she said Jim made her eat every thing on her plate (which wasn't that much in the first place) then gave her the autograph.

» Story of Anonymous

I was once at Epcot Center with my family when I was about 15 years old. We were in the Japan section of the place and we went into one of the Japanese jewelry stores. I was wandering around the store on my own when I overheard a few people talking about Jim Carrey. I looked over at the people talking and saw them pointing towards the cash register. I then looked over myself and saw Jim Carrey standing there buying some jewelry. He was talking to one of the Japanese ladies and said something and she started laughing. He then signed something for her and quickly away before anybody could really say anything to him. I know I did not get to meet him, but at least I got to see him in person.

» Story of Paul Binkley

I went to Aldershot H.S. in Burlington Ont. Canada with Jim. Although he was not there for long he always made our lunch hours in the cafeteria a blast. He was always in a role just acting away as if in another world. It was incredible fun... a time I will never forget. :)

» Story of Ruby Payne

I was visiting Rhode Island last summer and was stopped by some man with a bright brown briefcase. And he gave me some kind of flier to be a extra on the set of Jim Carrey's movie where he played a State Trooper with multiple personalities. So the next day I went to the set and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jim doing some kind of scene where he was to fall down a hill. He had short buzz cut and had on jeans and a brown jacket. But after each take he would say that he wanted to try another take. Finally when Jim announced that he was done and he sat down to take a break. I walked up to him and started a conversation about why he wanted to keep redoing this hill seen. And with this he answered that he wanted this scene to be completely perfect with every movement done the right way. Then I got an autograph from him without him even asking, right before the extras were called to the set. And so I said goodbye one last time thanked him and then left. This was one of the most memorable moments I have ever had.

» Story of Anonymous

They filmed the movie "Me, Myself & Irene" behind my house this summer in Narragansett, RI. I live on an island so the crew and everyone had to drive by my house everyday to get to the set. So I decided to do something crazy and get his attention. So I hung a huge sheet on my house that said "Jim Carrey will you marry me? Love Nikki!" Well I got everyone's attention and one day they stopped in front of my house and I got his autograph and a couple pictures of him far away. There was about 12 of us in my front yard when he stopped. He read my sign and then asked which one Nikki was - I said "Me." And he said "That's so sweet but I can't marry you because I have had my heart broken one too many times." I said "That's ok - can I at least have your autograph?" He was so nice and so funny. He is exactly as he is in the movies. He chatted with us for about 5-10 minutes and then had to leave. It was the best thing I have ever experienced. They beeped every time they went by from them on. They were only there for about a week - but it's a week I will never forget.

» Story of Debbie Hart

Well I met him once, wasn't properly introduced but still got to talk to him. I was fishing in Homer, Alaska... my friends and I decided to go on a camping trip and take a break from the big city of Anchorage. In the summer it is PACKED with tourists and very hard to find a place to fish. We call it here "combat fishing" because it's so tight! So I'm there casting lines out and there's a guy about 5 feet from me... he's whistling and saying "Nice day today" and "Almost got one" but I'm just ignoring him. Then I look over and think how he resembles Jim Carrey... he takes off his sunglasses and cap and sits on the bank and has a soda and I'm just staring at him with my mouth open wondering if I should ask and risk looking like an idiot. He had a big grin and I said "You know who you look like?" And he said "Ummmmm, let me guess... that dork Jim Carrey?" and I said "Oh, my God!"... he laughed and we got to talk for a little while... he even asked me for some fishing pointers then he left with his friends... I was freaking and told everyone by me after he left!

» Story of Candi Brinkman

I was working security for the "Me, Myself & Irene" filming in Middlebury, VT and had the pleasure of seeing some of the filming involving Jim Carrey. My 6 year old son was tickled when I brought him down on a day off and we got to sit down within 10 feet of Jim. On another day off, one of the directors (Peter) introduced myself and 3 other guards to Jim. We got to shake hands and formally meet him. Jim is a very nice man.

» Story of Sarah D.

On December 17th, for one of my best friend's 16th birthday bash, she took me and three of my other friends to NYC to spend the night and see the sights. At about 8:30 or so we decided that we were going to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. We waited in line for an hour and a half before we could finally get in because some show had rented out the rink. When it was time to start to let people in to skate again, we were in the first 20 people on line. The guy let us down the stairs and we were waiting a little above the rink. Then a security guy comes up to us and he said "Girls, just to let you know, there are celebrities on the rink, and if you do anything stupid we will kick you off." We were so excited, and we started looking. My friend leaned over and said "Sarah, do you see that guy in the hat over there with that girl? I think that's Jim Carrey." Then he skated by us, looked us in the eye, and smiled. We were ice skating on the same ice with Jim Carrey for a bout an hour. He was with his girlfriend, but it wasn't until the end that we realized it was Renee Zellwegger. Towards the end when he skated off the ice, my friends and I kind of hung to the side of the rink where he had gotten off. The crowd above us started screaming "Jim, Jim!", and he took off his hat and waved to them. Then he started walking towards us, and he shook our hands and talked with us briefly. We took pictures of him and Renee together, and some kids got autographs. It was truly a great experience. They both were so incredibly nice. They were just like normal people, out on a date. I don't think I'll ever forget that night.

» Story of Kris

Well first of all I'm a big Jim Carrey fan as we all are... right? Anyways one day I was cruisin' in downtown Riverside in California, and Jim was at the Mission Inn (some historic museum like hotel) in the coffee shop. At first I thought it was someone that looked like him, but after a few seconds I had realized that it was Jim in fact. I walked up behind him and suggested he not order the cafe latte' because it causes stomach cramps. He turned around and laughed hysterically. Later we sat and talked over a cup of coffee. Jim is a real cool guy.

» Story of MGS
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I was in East Brunswick New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and I work at the McAntish Inn. I all the sudden saw Jim Carrey walk in and ask if there were any open rooms. My daughter went nuts and started crying. Jim got scared and left the hotel... That was my sighting, AND IT REALLY WAS HIM.

» Story of Natalie

I didn't "meet" him but Jim used to be a sea cadet in Ontario, Canada. Anyway I was one and there is always these meetings where all over southern Ontario we gather in the same old building every year. It's pretty neat to know Jim was there, there's pictures and everything. Everyone is really proud of him, and it's obvious why! I know some people that were friends with him, he's suppose to be a really great and funny guy!

» Story of Chester McFisticuffs

3 days ago [sent 99/12/30], I was going to the local 7-11 to pick up some Pringles and soda pop. While I was there, Jim Carrey came in and purchased a magazine and a couple of candy bars. I said "How ya doin'?" He said "Fine." "You like Snickers, I see." "Yeah, they're great," he answered. The weird thing was I had just seen "Man On The Moon" the night before! So while we were in the checkout line, I told him that, and he asked if me I liked it, and I told him I did. I asked him if he ever met REM and he said yes. I told him I thought REM seemed like nice fellows, and he said they were. I briefly thought to ask him about "The Grinch," but decided not to bother him anymore. He's taller than I thought.

» Story of Cassie Smith

I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and one night I went to a grocery store called D & W Food Center, to pick up a few things to fix for dinner. I was just wandering around and went over by the produce section and I looked over and to my surprise there was Jim Carrey, I took a few more glances at him and then moved over a few feet away and acted shy. I looked back one more time and he turned his head and gave me one of his famous smiles. I just about passed out to tell you the truth! I smiled back and walked away, I guess I was kind of a chicken.

» Story of Nitz

I was in the audience yesterday [sent 99/12/17] for The Letterman Show in NY. Dave had Jim on to plug "Man on the Moon." I don't know how many people saw this, but they did the interview and right at the end, Dave asks him if he has any big New Years plans. Jim says no not really, but I'll show you all what will happen… so he starts counting down, 10, 9, 8… the audience is all going along. I start laughing cause who knows what is going to happen.
When they get to the New Year, he starts by pulling confetti out of his pockets and throwing it in the air, then he blows one of those little horns. He then grabbed his coffee mug, and spewed water into the air all over Dave.
He then starts running into the audience and grabs a woman and starts making out with her, then he runs around some more and is high fiving people. He grabs some guy that was placed there, and starts to pretend to make out with him and starts kissing and humping him, etc. Then goes and jumps on some people. Then he runs out the door into the street and there is a hot dog vendor, he grabs the ketchup and mustard and shoots it all over the vendor (Naked Gun style), then he pushes the guys customer and punches him out and starts a fight. Then he grabs a bottle of champagne and pulls off the cork and shakes it so it explodes all over this crowd of people. Then he runs into the street and gets hit by a cab, falls on the hood, runs on top of the cab and rips off his shirt, on his chest in black ink in big letters, it says 2000 RULES!, then he turns around, and on his back it says "I'm Cold!". He does some wacky dance and runs back in and does some more crazy antics around Letterman's desk.
You had to see it to appreciate it. It was the funniest 2 minute bit I had ever seen. It was a fucking riot. Jim Carrey is a comic genius, and my hero!!

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