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» Story of Suzzane Smith

I was on the set of his new movie, "The Grinch", and I saw his stunt double. We thought it was him, so we rushed over, but it turned out not to be. But, hey, I was close. :)

» Story of Anthony James Diaferio

I met Jim Carrey on the set of "Ace Ventura". My uncle Frank Addonis took me on the set to show me what he does for a living. I was only 9 years old and I had remembered him from my favorite show "In Living Color". I was sooo excited to meet him he gave me a picture and signed it to:
"My #1 fan Anthony
Spank you very much
Jim Carrey"
I thanked him and said "I hope one day I could be just like you". He did a fake sad voice and said "That's soo great," I started laughing. I have started acting since last year but my goal is to work with him one day. That guy is my biggest hero.

» Story of Jules Cassidy

Let me start off by saying I'm not a writer so I'll just give you the dialogue! A few friends and I were at a Tom Petty benefits concert held in AZ in March of this year [1999]. We were standing in the concessions line in the lobby before the concert when my friend said, "Hey -- it's Ace Ventura in front of us!" I noticed it WAS him (sortave incognito) & I felt like the Ace Ventura thing was offensive so I casually said, "Whutup, Mr. Jim!" After that he let out an adorable smile and said, "Yeh, Mr. Jim is right!" We stood in line and talked about how much we're all obsessed with Tom Petty until finally Jim reached the counter. In case anyone cares -- he ordered a nachos with jalapenos, a coke & a pickle. Later in the concert... I felt a tap on my shoulder so I turned around and it was Jim standing next to his 2 friends. I said, "Okay - I'm convinced you're stalking me!" And he said, "Ahh -- you got me!" We talked a little for the rest of the concert and when it was over we gave each other hugs g'bye and he told me we were the coolest group of fans he has ever met!!! Jim has beautiful eyes and a smile that lights up the whole room. He's definitely a cool guy and I'll never forget my "night with Jim"!

» Story of Sandi Denne

My 2 sisters, daughter and my husband and I met Jim at Walt Disney World at MGM Studios. My sister was getting a picture with him and I was the photographer. Well this is where the embarrassment came. You know when you have to wait for the little red light, well this took for ever. Then Jim started yelling out comments like "Does anybody teach 101 photography here?" Oh, it was so embarrassing. But it was great to see Jim Carrey and for him to even say anything at all to me. I know my sister didn't mind because she was sitting next to him smiling the whole time. This happened about 4 years ago in November.

» Story of Christine

My husband, Chris, and I have been fans of Mr. Carrey's since his "In Living Color" days and various "Improv" shows. Jim Carrey can make us laugh until we cry... or urinate! What an incredible human being! I just bought the latest issue of Vanity Fair with our beloved Jim Carrey as the "Coverboy". The insightful article about him inspired me to browse the Internet for news about his latest project, "Man on the Moon." Now I find myself here... sharing my story with other fans!
I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Jim Carrey while he was shooting on location in Rhode Island this past summer for "Me, Myself & Irene." I was working at the time as an outside sales rep. I was with a colleague of mine and we were just finishing up a day on the road on Block Island. At that time, The cast and crew of MMI told the press that they finished filming in RI and were on their way up to VT. I saw some of the filming earlier that week on Jamestown, however only caught the back of Jim Carrey's head. Then work commitments kept me and my husband from trying to observe further filming. My colleague knew I was a fan of Jim Carrey's and since we were driving by the filming area that day, he suggested we see the house where Mr. Carrey's character "lived" in the movie... He knew exactly where it was. As we slowly approached the road, we noticed a yellow police tape blocking the street. A police officer and only 3 other people were there(!!) Apparently, Jim Carrey and the MMI crew were STILL THERE! We chatted with the officer, and a minute later, he got a call on his walkie talkie to signal that Jim Carrey and some of the crew will be leaving and driving through!!! I grabbed my legal pad and all the pens I "borrowed" from my colleague throughout the day... and we jumped out of the car, hoping to catch a glimpse of my favorite actor.
The other JC fans waiting there told me he will be in the black truck. The convoy pulled up to the corner and THERE HE WAS! He rolled down the window to wave at us... and my colleague (bless his heart...) yelled... "Jim!! Can you sign some autographs?!!" Jim Carrey appeared to ask his driver to stop they did! I was the first one to approach him... I was so nervous! He had a big smile on his face... I said hello and told him I am a HUGE fan... I gave him my legal pad and asked him to make it out to "Chris and Christine". He started to write... but to my horror, my pen was out of ink! He actually waited while I hastily tried to find another pen in my pockets! Thankfully, I found another pen and I got his autograph! What a guy! He had about 3 carloads of people waiting for him to finish (they were obviously pressed for time) and the sun was setting. He did not have time to give the other folks an autograph... but he greeted and shook hands with everyone and waved Good Bye and then drove of into the sunset... he didn't say much... but he was very gracious! And polite! (And very handsome!) The whole episode lasted only a few minutes... but my happy memory of meeting the most talented, funniest actor in the world, Jim Carrey, will last a lifetime! Thank you, Jim! Thank you for bringing happiness to so many people!

» Story of Anonymous

Sorry folks, I met him when I was seven (a LONG time ago *ahem*) and I doubt I'll ever meet him again! But, when I was but a wee lass my brother used to hang out with Jim. My father had recently passed away and I was NOT a happy kid. Jim used to make me laugh, no small task in those days! Even as a teenager, he worked his tush off just to get a laugh. Ever since I have watched his star rise and am very happy for him. Recent stories of his personal problems upset me... he's been my "Laugh Resort" since I was seven years old and I only hope that he can be happy too! Laugh and be loved because the World laughs and luvs ya Mr. Carrey!

» Story of Anonymous

Three summers ago my cousin called me, he lives in Destin, FL, about 30 miles from Seaside (where "The Truman Show" was filmed), his dad owns a personal fitness gym in Seaside he was going to be keeping the crew and yes even the "man" himself. So my uncle got me and my cousin a part as extras in the movie. We got to meet and have long talks with Laura Linney. We became pretty good friends with her and on the last day when they got finished filming the scene of Truman running from the town and the nuclear plant workers stopped him, he came over and spoke to us. I didn't realize it but, for about thirty minutes I was sitting in JIM'S chair.

» Story of Anonymous

I apologize, but my story is a bit different from the others. I approached Jim at a restaurant he was eating at in Birmingham, and knowing the funny kind of guy he is, I playfully stuck my finger in his food. It was then he jumped up and began quietly chewing me out (I guess not to make a scene) and said he was a little disappointed in me. I apologized, and so did he.

» Story of Jason Henley

Years ago, when Jim (can I call him Jim?) was on "Duck Factory" I saw him doing a stand-up set at a Yuk's Yuk's comedy place up here in Niagara Falls.
After he was finished I went up to him, recognizing him from T.V., and asked him for his autograph. He seemed so thrilled to be giving his autograph to a kid that it made me think about how cool it was to see a celebrity not acting like a celebrity. I've been a fan ever since.

» Story of Anonymous

Years ago (early 90's) Jim was up here in Anchorage, Alaska in a grocery store in the middle of the night. He was nice, polite and friendly. :o)

» Story of Jason Cardozo

My wife is a big fan of Jim Carrey. We saw him while he was shooting for "Liar Liar." But unfortunately, we could not meet him because my wife was too very excited and could not think of a nice way to introduce ourselves.

» Story of Diana Parker

I went to Richmond, VT, when Jim was filming a restaurant scene. I was wearing a shirt that I made that said "I am looking for Jim Carrey." Every time Jim rode by in his big black Cadillac, I'd wave to him, he kept waving back. At the end of the day he drove past me and I started running after the car, thinking this would be my last chance to get his autograph. To my surprise, the car stopped, the back door opened, and Jim leaned out and said, "Hey come here, you want me to sign your shirt!" I yelled, "Yes!" and ran over to him. He signed the back of my shirt and I shook his hand and I kept going on and on about how awesome he was and how awesome it was to meet him. He was so nice and cute. My friend also got his autograph. After he said bye and left, I started crying with happiness. I couldn't believe I met my biggest hero of all time!

» Story of Sherry Ann McKay
Home Page: Superflye's Homage

Well, I dont really have a story except for when I was in Middle school, ohhhhh gosh, I'm almost a junior in college now, but in eigth grade, we had to write letters to our "heros" so to speak, for a journalism class. Well, I love Jim Carrey, he's really been an uplifter for me... I even read "his book" so I decided to write to him. Well I didn't get the extra credit for having him reply because he didn't, at least not until I was in High school. I nearly forgot I had written him until one day I got an envelope addressed to me from "Jim Carrey." Needless to say I tore it open, and inside was a short letter thanking me, and a large picture autographed "To Sherry, Spank you very much," with his cute little signature. To this day I have it framed and hanging. My ultimate goal (I'm in video production) is to meet him someday.
God, what a rush that would be!

» Story of Patrick Bergeron

Okay, well first of all I can't believe I am filling out this form, but alright lets get to the point. I actually met Jim Carrey on a boat (the name of which I can not say) on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. Jim sponsored a party for the entire cast & crew of MMI. I was his DJ as a matter of fact. He came up to me shook my hand and said keep up the good work. Well, it was an experience, that's all I gotta say. And then they jumped off the boat (guess you had to be there.)

» Story of Anonymous

Well, I was at the grocery store when I saw him, he looked at me trying to reach for a watermelon in the the big box, he saw me struggling and said "Here I'll get that for you." I didn't realize it was him 'till I looked up at him, then I go "Oh, my gosh, you are Jim Carrey!" then we shook our hands and I got a picture of us together.

» Story of Tyman

I saw Jim Carrey in Burlington, Vermont. I saw them film on location. The Providence station is really Burlington's Union Station. And while they were filming my dad (a firefighter) went to a call and they had to stop filming to let the trucks through.

» Story of Scotty Willson

I was at one of his scenes. And I waited to see him and next I knew he was right by his trailer. I ran up and said "Hi!"

» Story of Pascal

To make a long story short, my dad is a good friend of Jim's since he worked in the movie "Liar Liar." Anyways, I pleaded for my dad to introduced us and he finally did. What can I say he's the funniest guy ever and I can't wait for the next time he comes over!!
- HUGE Jim Carrey fan! (Who isn't?)

» Story of Nancy Johnson
Home Page: Nan's Home Page

We were at the filming of "Me, Myself & Irene" in Middlebury, Vermont, on July 1. Although security was quite tight, we were fortunate enough to get some good pictures of Jim and Renée Zellweger. We stayed on toes to dodge security and crew members as we shot pictures through a window of a local business. Our vantage point was in close proximity and a great view. The actors and actresses were very friendly towards the crowd. Later in the day, while walking through town, Jim Carrey's stunt double approached us and initiated a conversation. It was a great day all around and one we won't soon forget!

» Story of Diana Parker

I live in Vermont and when I heard that there was going to be a Jim Carrey movie ("Me, Myself & Irene") filmed in Burlington I got sooo excited because I love Jim Carrey and would do anything to see him. So I went up to Burlington where they were filming a scene. Everything was blocked off and there was no way to see Jim. So a friend and I went into a factory outlet store right next to the shooting and they let us look out their back window.
The window was open and we could see everything because they were filming right below the window 20 ft. away. We could see Jim Carrey and hear what he was saying. It was so great. After watching for an hour, they stopped for a lunch break. His bodyguard drove a big black van right below the window and opened the car door. Jim Carrey walked over to the door. I leaned out the window and yelled, "Hey Jim Carrey!!!" and he looked up at me smiled, waved and said, "Hey!" I lost it and started screaming. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

» Story of Caitlin Eliza Falzone

Well, I just returned to my boring job after a fun-filled two days of being an extra in Jim's new movie, "Me, Myself & Irene" here in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. It was the most amazing time ever! There were about 20 of us that were used continuously and had to be chased by Jim himself after one of his alter personalities emerged (Hank). Jim is so unbelievably nice and he his so funny on the set. Pete Farrelly had to cut numerous times because we couldn't help but laugh when he was doing his scenes. I had actually met him two weeks before at an Irish Pub where he was drinking with his bodyguard (who is from Israel and is ENORMOUS). He is extremely approachable and was very nice. He even gave me a hug! He is taller than I thought in person, too. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to be an extra in one of his movies DO IT! It will be the most fun of your life!

» Story of Anonymous

I'm a big fan of Jim Carrey and when I saw him in Jamestown, RI, I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I was soooo close to getting his autograph, I was nearly face to face with him. Then he had to get back to work and film "Me, Myself & Irene." But the comments he was making while signing autographs was pretty interesting. I just wish I could get his autograph. That would make my day. He's a really intelligent person!!

» Story of Robert Hammond
Home Page: Acappella and Clyde Drexler Homepage

I met Jim while I was vacationing with my family in Florida. He was eating at a restaurant, and instead of asking for an autograph, I asked for the Ketchup, and didn't ask for anything. He thought that was real cool and gave me an autograph.

» Story of Fran K.

I recently saw Jim filming his new movie "Me, Myself & Irene"! what a cutie! I plan on seeing him as much as I can while he's in Vermont!!
What a handsome man in person!!

» Story of Anonymous

I was at the filming of his new movie, "Me Myself & Irene," and I got his autograph and got to shake his hand, but what I thought was really sweet was my friend was a REALLY big Jim Carrey fan and for the two days he was there, she didn't get to see him. The last day he was here, she was at the front of the yellow police line (because he was filming a scene) he came over to sign autographs and she got her poster signed. He said to her, "I really like that poster" and then she started crying. Jim wiped away her tears and then gave her a big hug. I'm sure she will never forget that day!!

» Story of Wendy Chauvette

Hi, well our brief encounter was last Thursday on the set of the new movie "Me, Myself & Irene." My son who is a big Jim fan was desperate to meet him. They have been shooting the movie for a while but we went to Jamestown to see what we could find, we got there at 6:30 in the morning, they ended up sneaking him into his trailer so we didn't get a shot and we waited and waited. My son made a poster that read "My mom has to go to my school everyday because I act like you! LOL" I was beginning to think maybe this was somewhat offending to him but if you knew my son he has a humor much like Jim's, and I took it as funny, well finally after waiting till 11:30, he was leaving for the "car crash scene" and my son went up to his truck and Jim gave him one of those huge all teeth grins and was waving like crazy. Well that was one time my son was speechless. That is going to remain in our minds forever!!
P.S. We did end up chatting with Bobby Farrelly and got his autograph which was interesting.

» Story of Sean O'Connor

I live in Toronto Canada and live in an apartment that he used to live in for a while, Bayview Ave and Cummer Ave area as he did gigs at Yuk Yuk's. All the older residents still talk about stories where he would be helpful to the seniors, and of course make people laugh!
I never met him, I wasn't living here then. Maybe one day he'll come to visit his old stompin' grounds!

» Story of Anonymous

I met Jim at a Lakers Basketball game in Los Angeles just recently. He was seated directly in front of me and was making a great deal of noise! He constantly stood up to cheer even when the other team had the ball. Then our team got a pt. and he started freaking out. Hilarious! I recognized him & just stared for a minute. I talked to him after the game and he was very kind. I didn't ask for an autograph, but we ended up talking for 5 minutes about L.A. weather and the game. Yeh, Jim's pretty cool.

» Story of Alex C. Anderson

I met Jim Carrey while he was filming "The Truman Show" in Seaside, FL. My aunt has a house in Seaside and we were visiting her. We were walking down the street and he came by in a blue Chevy Suburban and they stopped and Jim Carrey reached out and said, "How about a shake?", so I shook his hand and he gave me his autograph. I was just 9 years old when he did this, which made my day... and inspired me. I thought, "What a nice guy!"

» Story of Anonymous

I met Jim Carrey at a Bull's game (when they were good) he was sitting near the front bleachers with his ex-wife Lauren Holly. If you have ever been to a Bull's game, u know that during halftimes and time outs they have a segment called celebrity look a likes. They show a celebrity's face on the Jumbo Tron and then show people in the audience that look like that celebrity. As it was, they had Jim Carrey on the Jumbo Tron in his movie "Batman Forever". They showed a few people in the audience that looked like Jim, and then they showed him, in the audience with his hand around Lauren's. He gave the screen a nice smile and that was that. So now everyone knew that he was in the audience. After the game, me and my friend went up towards the front of the court, by Jim. The security guards were not allowing people down there without a ticket. But Jim, out of the kindness of his heart waved towards the kids to come down and get his autograph. He is a lot different than the other actors, anyone else would probably ignore the huge crowd. So when the kids left I had a while to talk with him, it was very interesting and he seemed like a great guy.

» Story of Jason Canning

I've never met Jim but if I had a pound for every time I mistaken for him I'd be a rich man. One time I was in the Ritz Hotel London with two friends both over 6ft 4ins. They looked like my bodyguards. A middle aged woman with a big smile came up to me, her hand was shaking and said her kids were big fans and could she have a photo with me. I told her the truth but she just thought I was joking. She got her picture and after said I did a wonderful British accent. Really!

» Story of Rajif

I was once eating in a restaurant, when Jim was talking to someone... (this was early 90's many people recognized him... but not me... woops) and [he] had a bet with them that the first person he went up to and spoke to, would know who he was... welll... it was me... and I didn't have a clue... and said... "I'm sorry... do I know you?" And with that he pretended to be real upset and crushed, faked it out like we were good buddies from high school. He acted so offended, and pretended to drop dead on the floor of the diner... and the people were in hysterics. Ever since then I have become a huuuuge Jim fan.

» Story of Snapper D. Ard

I was an extra and a stand in on "The Truman Show."
I was amazed when I saw the story that Brian wrote on here. That was me!!!!!!! I was a stand in for Noah Emmerich! I was also a street sweeper throughout the movie! You can see a real good close up of me when Jim starts figuring things out and walks into his business and then back out. He bends down to tie his shoe and I'm right beside him sweeping! In one part of the movie I was driving the Goodies truck that Marlon drove. We did the scene six times and one time when I was backing up Jim threw his briefcase underneath the tire and started hopping around I almost had a heart attack!
I was in shock! He walked up to the window of the vehicle and I told him I was sorry! He said it was just this and pointed to his briefcase and smiled!
The goodies had some problems! It was my fault that they shot the scene so many times but they did not use it anyway. You can see the vehicle on the side of the street in the movie!

» Story of Jen Madrig

Jim was on Oprah a while ago, and after the show, his limo picked him up. It was winter in Chicago so there was snow everywhere. When Jim came out of the "secret" back doors, he had a snowball fight with a friend he had brought with him. They were clobbering each other!! They started to throw snowballs at the limo and the limo driver. How do I know this?... My friend's dad was the limo driver. He said Jim Carrey was really cool and very outgoing. He said that he wasn't stuck-up or snotty, just a normal guy having fun!

» Story of Hannah

I was privileged of working for Milos Forman's film "Man On The Moon" starring Jim Carrey and countless other talents folks. I remember how generous he was and how he was working hard to be as "Andy Kaufman." I know he for a fact that he will indeed get nominated and win the Oscar for the Andy Kaufman role. I miss him, that is Jim. He is such a great guy. Thanks, Jim.

» Story of Chris Green
Home Page: Green Jelly Bean Entertainment

I was hired to make the balloon sculptures that appeared in "The Mask" and also consulted Jim on how to make some basic shapes so that he could develop a pantomime for the "Tommy Gun" scene. He also wanted to learn how to make balloon sculptures for his daughter. I was on the set for three exciting days. When I arrived for my audition, I was introduced to the director and producer and then was taken to the back lot where Jim was hanging out between shots. We knocked on his door and he came out to audition me. He was very polite and friendly. He asked me if I would show him what kind of balloon animals I could make so I made a fancy French poodle, a simple giraffe shape and then he asked me if I could make a Tommy Gun out of balloons that would be morphed into a real one. I told him I had never made one but if I saw a good example that I would customize one for him. He said that I did great work and hired me on the spot.

» Story of Anonymous

I went to the filming of "Man on the Moon" at the Olympic Auditorium. I was called back by the casting company and asked to come back to do another scene. (I was paid the second time.) On the second shoot, Norm MacDonald was there along with Caroline Rhea and some other girl you'd recognize but can't place. This scene was from the old T.V. show "Friday's." Jim, as Andy, gets in a fight with the producer of the live television show and is forced to apologize. During filming, they must've broken 10 plates, and Norm was dried off at least 12 times. One of the last couple of times they shot the scene, the table fell over when Jim tried to catch himself. Milos Forman, the director's comment was, "Today's job is drying Norm MacDonald," since Jim had to throw a glass of water on him while they were sitting at a table. Danny DeVito was there for a couple of hours. It was filmed on stage 19 of the Universal Studios lot.

» Story of Carolyn Armstrong

I was walking in New York when he and his now ex-wife Lauren Holly were walking the other way. When I passed him I realized it was him and I asked him for his autograph and he gave it to me. He was really nice and kind. I will never forget that day. I still have the autograph too.

» Story of Brady Turner

About 2 years ago I came down with cancer. A foundation called "Make A Wish" called me and said that I could make a wish, ANY WISH and they would do their best to make it come true. I wished to meet Jim Carrey. Well, Jim Carrey was WAY to busy with "The Truman Show", so he called me at my house and we talked for about 3 hours... it was awesome.

» Story of Sarah M.

I saw Jim at the Ritz one time in the lobby. I wasn't sure if I should ask him for his autograph so I just kinda stood there and stared at him, well he saw me, he smiled with his big beautiful smile and asked me if I wanted an autograph and I froze for about 30 sec then I said yes. He was very nice and so damn handsome!! I am a very big Jim lover.

» Story of Colin Hebb

Well actually it's not my story but actually that of my grandmother's. When Jim was here filming his small role in "Simon Birch" he stopped in front of my grandmother's house because the head office for the movie was right next door. Some of the girls working ran out and asked if they could see him. This is when my grandmother looked out her window and there he was the most famous person in the world outside her window. She also got to see Joe Mazzello and everyone else in the movie, it was rather neat.

» Story of Robert

My family owns a house in Seaside, Florida, where they filmed the movie "The Truman Show." One morning when I was walking to the grocery they were filming right outside it. I went in and bought a muffin and began watching the filming. The street was blocked off by ropes, but you could stand on the side and watch. During the period between a retake he came over and just began talking to us. A little kid asked him to say "Allrightythen" and he did. It was funny. Then I tore my muffin bag and gave it to him. He signed it. Then he left and began shooting again.

» Story of Anonymous

I was eating in a restaurant in Charleston, SC a few years ago and Jim, Lauren, and his daughter were also eating there. He was in town filming ACE part II. I did not meet him but he entertained the whole restaurant by making faces and sticking silverware up his nose. He was very funny.

» Story of J. Buhrmester

I work for Playboy Online and we recently did a Web cast of Hef's Midsummer Night's Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion.
While working I notice Tony Clifton (Andy Kaufman's alter-ego usually played by Bob Zmuda) walking around. Apparently Hef was told that Jim Carrey would be coming dressed as Clifton and for publicity they wanted Hef to give him a hard time getting in.
While Hef was giving Clifton a hard time at the gate he noticed Carrey walking past. Hilarious!
Anyway, after our work was over I roam around the party and ran into Carrey. He was wearing silk pajamas(it was a pajama party) and his hair was really long and shaggy. I asked him about the Tony Clifton sighting and we discussed the "Man on the Moon" which had just begun filming. He was incredibly nice.

URL: http://www1.playboy.com/world_playboy/history/index.html

Click the "Mansion Events" link in the left hand navigation and then choose "Midsummer Night's Dream Party" from the list.

» Story of Richard Campbell

In 1996 I won a competition to do an impression of Jim Carrey on live television ("Live & Kicking" on the BBC in England). I won loads of Jim goodies and later I received a letter from Jim congratulating me on my performance. What a nice guy!

» Story of Jenna Garrido

My best friend's mom was a extra in "The Truman Show," and got to meet him. She said he was very nice and polite and very handsome in person.

» Story of Bill Hartman

Worked as a special effects technician on "In Living Color" for three seasons... Jim was a riot, would do or try about anything. We often had to hold the script pages over faces so just our eyes showed so he could not see us laughing, if he did, of course, he would bust up too. One "Headless Torso" line took over 20 takes to complete.

» Story of Brian Brotherston

Worked as day player on "The Truman Show" and as recurring extra. Met Jim on the street almost daily. Hi's and Bye's and what not. Very kind and extremely good natured, during the street scenes on numerous takes all of the buses, cars and police scooters (golf carts) had to go back to the original starting point for the shoot, so Jim was walking in between the carts back to his mark, when he casually drops his briefcase behind the rear wheel of one of the carts. As the cart rises and falls as it backs over Jim's briefcase he acts as though it was his foot being crushed by the cart. The driver and Peter Weir had heart attacks as Jim hopped around gripping his ankle in mock pain... very funny.

» Story of Stephen Alford

I really enjoy your web site. Especially the space dedicated to the upcoming "The Truman Show." I live in the Northwest Panhandle of Florida where the principal photography was filmed for the new movie. Jim and his ex-wife, Lauren Holly, rented our house for the four months it took to shoot the film. That was an experience. I was very impressed with both Mr. Carrey and his staff.

» Story of Cynthia Maricle

I met Jim on "The Oprah Show" in 1997. I was asked to a imitation of him in front of him. Oprah send me a limo to my house and everything. Any way I drew a picture of Jim and we had so much in common with art and stuff like that. Lauren Holly got to sit next to me. And her and I talked. Jim was so sweet to me. I want to live in Hollywood and Jim said to go for it. I just got back from CA. And I want to live there. I got a lot of info because I met Jim. On how to get a job out there. He's like the guy next door. I love him and I'm glad I have me a wonderful buddy.

» Story of Ashley S. Hatcher

I met him at a restaurant and got his autograph. He was very polite.

» Story of Matt

I saw Jim Carrey in a small diner (Frederick's) in Great Neck, New York on June 30th, 1998 eating lunch with 3 other normal looking people. It was rumored that he was there to begin work on the Andy Kaufman story. Andy grew up in Great Neck. He was possibly with Andy's family to do research on the character. He seemed very nice and signed a few autographs after his meal. Unfortunately most of the people in Great Neck are snobs, and didn't seem to be to enamored by Jim's awesome presence.

» Story of Anonymous

I see Jim every other month. He has a very secluded cabin near my cabin in Minnesota! He tries to go there every other month for a weekend. I have his autograph, and a few pics with him he signed! It's pretty cool to know you've met someone famous. I've also gotten backstage passes for Michael Jackson and The Monkeys so I have their autographs too!

» Story of Anonymous

I saw Jim at a restaurant in LA called Snack n' Chat. My boyfriend and I ended up having a table right beside him and he invited us to have dinner with him and Lauren Holly. We talked and ate for about an hour. He was really cool.

» Story of Alex Staveley

I met Jim when I was on Holidays in L.A. He was walking around in one of those Hawaiian T-shirts and a pair of combats. He was very decent and gave me his autograph and told me he will come over to Ireland some time.

» Story of Daniel Woodrow Conlon

I went to grade school with Jim and him and his friend Sean Kelly used to pick on me during recess. Often Jim would grab my legs and Sean would grab my arms, they would swing me back and forth counting to three and then heave me in this pond. This girl I liked, Leane Stevens, was watching so I would pretend like I was friends with Jim and Sean and so I would just start doing a backstroke in the pond like I wanted to be there. Yeah, Jim was pretty cool.

» Story of Ms Carrey

Hello everyone! I must write again to let all of you know that I once again went to another Hollywood premiere with our man Jim Carrey attending! This time the premiere was held at the famous Mann's Chinese Theatre and from where I was standing I got 15 feet close to him! They made the crowd stand on the sidewalk as they put up the crowd control fences and before I knew what was going on everyone started running to get a good spot so I ran as fast as I could for the best spot and got it! However, my dad was caught way in back so he had to hand me the camera. A 7-11 set-up was right next to us in their own little fenced out area handing out Super-Big Gulps for free because they had pictures of Cable Guy on them. When Jim arrived he started walking down the aisle shaking peoples hands and when he got about 8 people away from me he stopped and turned back down the aisle. I was so bummed!!!! However the way it was set up he had to come back down the row on the other side of the street to get into the theatre. He had to walk by all of the interviewers and such. So I knew he would be coming relatively close once again. When he came back down on the other side of the street some horses and actors from Medieval Times had arrived and were standing like 15 feet in front of me and he walked in front of them and was posing for pictures with them. Unfortunately he was on the other side of the horses. We were all yelling "JIM!!" and after he was done he came out and was standing right in front of me and he started waving! I was freaking out and yelling and trying to get a good picture at the same time! It was so exciting!! I brought a good camera and for every picture you take you have to make sure it's focused and on the right speed,and it was getting dark, e.t.c. and this was the first time I was using it! I really hope they didn't come out too blurry and I'll never forget him standing like 15 in front of me waving! It was great! I love California!!! Then I got to go home and see all of the pemiere shows at home! Just thought I'd write to let you all know! Please forgive any bad grammer as I am on summer mode and thus not allowed to think critically. ;)

» Story of Anonymous

I was working at the Ritz (Los Angeles) and he was staying there for making of "The Cable Guy." Very nice... very cool... He was registered as "Darren Stevens" thought that was funny... Darren from "Bewitched"... so if you ever have a Darren Stevens staying at your hotel... might be Jim... is it just me or is he the funniest person to ever live... how can anyone be more funny... scary talent... very honored to respectfully meet him... didn't act like a retard or ask for autograph... got a nice tip for that... later... Carrey fan.

» Story of Daniel Mckinney

I met him at the Destin Airport in Florida.
I heard his flight came in, I wanted to get his autograph, he signed my "96 Yearbook" that has a Movie-List under School Activities & Involement. He's a nice guy, I wanted to get his picture taken with me, but he didn't allow a picture.

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