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A Beautiful Conversation with reborn Jim Carrey by W
23 Sep 2017    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

As fans we have already lost count at the number of articles and interviews we have read and seen. Because of that we know how rare it is to find a journalist who can ask the right questions at the right moment to bring out the beautiful moment of a conversation between two people.

Recently, W Magazine had the chanche to interview Jim Carrey about his beliefs, himself and his art. The magazine made a great photoshoot with Jim at TIFF when he promoted "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" and this week they had this conversation with Jim. We share some of it below:

"How did you end up making I Needed Color? Was it part of a conscious decision to make your art more public?
I think it's just making its own decisions, honestly. People were wondering where I went. The truth is I was spirited into the forest by a sprite, and you know, you really just follow it when it happens. Creativity just kind of choreographs the dance for me-it sends me the scripts I need when the scripts I need to do are important, and when I'm not vibing with anything, it makes something else happen. That was kind of it; there was a lot exploding in my life. My journey was exploding and I needed to express it, and I needed to express every bit of it.

You've been making art since you were a kid, but it was only six years ago that you decided to start painting?
Well, I didn't decide; it decided. There was a lot of pain and confusion and everything you need to make something meaningful-circumstances that made me let go and go, Okay, I can risk all that now in order to allow all this energy to come through. It was extremely liberating, and now there's a feeling of gratitude around it, and pleasant surprise-not only that people are enjoying the work, but that they're understanding where it comes from. Even though people might call me crazy when I say Fashion Week is meaningless-it's not the only thing meaningless thing. [Laughs.] Most things are meaningless. But I'm being painted and I'm being expressed and I'm being created, and there's little me involved. It's just getting out of the way, and it's so much fun. Literally last night I had trouble sleeping because there's a feeling where it's almost like there's no body anymore-it's just a cloud of love and gratitude and energy marinating over the bed. I find myself having to come back into my body to go to sleep; to just go, 'Okay, well the body needs to sleep now, because you've been vibing for an hour and a half.' [Laughs.] I don't know what other artists feel, but... I have a painting I'm staring at right now called Mad Elephant that I just did, because that day I felt like a mad elephant, and I realized afterwards that it's all of us. It's all of us who feel like we're not moving forward the way we want to in life because of what other people want. What other people want is like a chain in the ground that you're easily powerful and large enough to pull out of the ground, but you don't because of what others will think. And in that way, we're mad elephants.

So it's only very recently that you've been selling your art? "Sunshower" is your first real official showing?
Yeah. And you might not necessarily think about Vegas and art in the same breath, but I love the idea because it gives me an opportunity to not only let people who want to spend money on art see the stuff, but also real people who walk in who might not go into the Gagosian or whatever it is-not that I have that option yet. It's accessible, and I love that.

What have you thought about the internet's reaction to some of your recent interviews, like the Fashion Week one you mentioned?
I actually am surprised. There's a lot of surprise around it-pleasant surprise. You know, when you take your mask off, there's a s--- load of people still wearing the mask who are not gonna like that you're making their mask look like a mask. [Laughs.] But being authentic, you always risk people calling you crazy or thinking you're having a nervous breakdown. And it's nothing like that. I've never been more calm in my life; if anything, I'm the eye of the hurricane and there's this force that's travelling around me, which is wonderful. People often mistake freedom and liberation for crazy. And do I sound crazy to you? I don't know.

Jim Carrey, Eva, 2016

I definitely agree with some of what you've said recently.
Yeah, there are just constructs that people are afraid to let go of. "Oh! What happens if an actor says he's not special? My god!" [Laughs.] The other night, I found myself at a Broadway show telling the audience they don't matter, and that's just not done. I'm not being obstinate, I'm not trying to put them down-I just really don't think they matter. I don't think we matter. And to the extent that we just give ourselves a purpose, if anything matters at all, maybe it's the alleviation of suffering. But that only matters to us-it doesn't matter to the universe. And we are the universe, so you're free of this thing. When I went on stage with Michael Moore, I started thinking about it the night before. If you told me even two years ago I'd be on a Broadway stage talking about politics and doing whatever, I would have been preparing for months in advance, but now, I literally just let things roll through my head. I do very little prep or memory work and just get up and just walk out on the stage. It doesn't get me nuts at all; I just feel like it's all my living room now, and like I'm the audience, so there's no division or delineation anymore. There's nothing at stake. I don't care what happens, except about connecting in that moment. But it's weird what happens now-I was just supposed to go out there for 10 minutes but it was half an hour."

The interview is very beautiful. We get to see a whole new Jim Carrey and we are very happy about it. Click here to read the full interview.

-- Source: W Magazine. Click to comment this article.

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