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All in Good Taste
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What's it about

Timothy Sandy (Jonathan Welsh) is a young, filmmaker with a screenplay. His script tells the heart warming, sensitive story of an orphan and his German Shepherd in search of a family.

Sandy sets out to get investment for his film, but soon finds that film investors have one stipulation - his screenplay must contain the necessary sex and violence to make it commercially viable.

All in Good Taste

Timothy's hilarious escapades take him through nudist colonies, dressing rooms and bedrooms - each new adventure make his escape with dignity more precarious.


Production Company Manesco Films
Distributor Pan-Canadian Film Distributors
Hollywood DVD (Video)
Director Anthony Kramreither
Writers Rick Green
Anthony Kramreither
Producer Anthony Kramreither
Associate Producer Robert C. Diez d'Aux
Composer -
Cinematographer Dennis Miller
Editor Leo Zeppelin
Cast List Jonathan Welsh
Harvey Atkin
Jack Creley
James B. Douglas
Jo-Anne Kirwan Clarke
Linda Rennhofer
Patti Oatman
Matsu Anderson
Don Cullen
Nancy Kerr
Jack Anthony
Rummy Bishop
John Kozak
John Davies
Kathy Michael McGlynn
Catherine Gallant
Mary Pirie
Stan Lesk
Carl Alkerton
Gary David
Rebecca Lynn Novak
Richard Ayres
Jim Carrey
Rosemary O'Daniel
Christina Stewart
Brenda Hastings
Victoria Bryson
.....   Timothy Sandy
.....   Cochrane
.....   Lou Melnik
.....   Dixon
.....   Mary Anne
.....   Stella
.....   Maureen
.....   Laura
.....   Herb
.....   Iris
.....   Art
.....   Kaplan
.....   Frank
.....   George
.....   Gloria
.....   Fran
.....   Joan
.....   Tony
.....   Elkin
.....   2nd Producer
.....   Brenda
.....   Butler
.....   Ralph Parker
.....   Dancer
.....   Girl in gym
.....   Girl in gym
.....   Girl in gym

Movie Quotes

Girl: Please hing up your clothes.
Girl: Ah, I ment all of it.
Timothy Sandy: No you don't understand we are just here in business.
Girl: I am sorry. No one can come in with clotches on. It's our regulation.
Timothy Sandy: We'are only going to be here a few minutes.


Their first encounter in a nudist camp!

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