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Untitled Movie (Loomis Fargo)
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What's it about

Inspired by true events, Loomis Fargo tells the story of a disgruntled bank employee who is ready to take a chance and risk it all for love, money, and a life hes only dreamed of. Teaming up with his work crush, they conspire to rob the financial institution. Together with their accomplices, the inexperienced criminals nab nearly $20 million - leaving a trail of evidence in their wake. Now the only thing tougher than pulling off the heist - will be getting away with it.


Production Company Relativity Media
Distributor Relativity Media
Director Jared Hess
Writers Chris Bowman
Jody Hill
Danny McBride
Hubbel Palmer
Emily Spivey
Producers John Goldwyn
Lorne Michaels
Cast List Jim Carrey
Owen Wilson
.....   Dave Ghantt

Movie Quotes

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