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Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (TV)
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What's it about

When private detective Mike Hammer (Stacy Keach) is blamed for a Las Vegas murder, he sets out to prove his innocence and meets a lovely woman along the way.


Production Companies Jay Bernstein Productions
Columbia Pictures Television
CPT Holdings Inc.
Distributor CBS Television
Director John Nicolella
Writers Mickey Spillane
Mark Edward Edens
Rudy Day
Mark Edward Edens
Producer Jeffrey Morton
Executive Producer Jay Bernstein
Supervising Producer Peter Dunne
Composer Ron Ramin
Cinematographer Frank Beascoechea
Editor Michael Renaud
Cast List Stacy Keach
Lynda Carter
Lindsay Bloom
Don Stroud
Jim Carrey
Stacy Galina
Lyle Alzado
Royce D. Applegate
John Calvin
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
Kristen Jensen
Paul Lieber
Edward Winter
Michelle Phillips
Lee Benton
James 'Gypsy' Haake
Kelly Andrus
Michael Bower
Jennifer Ciesar
Gene Freedman
Toni Aileen Hart
Rosalia Hayakawa
Stephanie Lund
Kelly Jerles
Paul Petersen
Lauren Taylor
Joelle Waide
Lisa Wiley
Denise Young
.....   Mike Hammer
.....   Helen Durant
.....   Velda
.....   Captain Pat Chambers
.....   Brad Peters
.....   Amy Durant
.....   Reggie Diaz
.....   Bundy
.....   Carl Durant
.....   John McNiece
.....   ?
.....   ?
.....   Johnny Roman
.....   Leora Van Treas
.....   Jennie
.....   Madame
.....   Prostitute #1
.....   Velda's Nephew
.....   Showgirl #1
.....   Maintenance Man
.....   Wedding Counselor
.....   Maid
.....   Nurse #1
.....   Barbara Leguire
.....   Stanfield
.....   Showgirl #2
.....   Prostitute #2
.....   Nurse #2
.....   Woman in Lingerie

Movie Quotes

Brad Peters: Doesn't anybody knocks... anymore!

Brad Peters: So... did you had to audition to be the killer or you are just suited for framing?

Brad Peters: I'm begining to think you don't like me!

Brad Peters: Why are you so interested in Leora or shouldn't I ask?

Brad Peters: The reason I asked is I've been thinking about changing careers. And I like working for Doctor Durant, but what I really want to do is be a comedian.

Brad Peters: Not in Las Vegas.

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