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Introducing Janet (TV)
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What's it about

The film is the story of a depressed teen struggling for acceptance. High school student Janet Taylor (Adah Glassbourg) feels she has to be the class clown in order to gain the acceptance of her peers. Only through her writing does she reveal her true feelings--that she fears people won't like her as she truly is. For a school essay on "Why People Laugh," Janet visits a comedy club, where she meets dishwasher and aspiring comedian Tony Marone (Jim Carrey). Tony's act is a dud, but he still plans to enter the club's upcoming Battle of the Buffoons contest.

Janet writes some new material for Tony and coaches him on his delivery. Meanwhile, Tony tries to help Janet overcome her lack of self-confidence. He urges Janet to be herself rather than putting on an act. The night of the contest, Tony feigns laryngitis and convinces Janet to take his place on stage. Janet gets off to a shaky start, but eventually overcomes her fears and wins over the audience.

Writer Michael Glassbourg wrote this story as a showcase for his sister. The titled was changed to "Rubberface" for the video release.




Production Company Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Distributor Trimark Pictures (video)
Directors Glen Salzman
Rebecca Yates
Writers Nada Harcourt
Michael Glassbourg
Producers Glen Salzman
Rebecca Yates
Composer Rainer Wiens
Cinematographer Rene Ohashi
Editors James Lahti
Mairin Wilkinson
Cast List Lynne Deragon
Adah Glassbourg
Ann-Marie MacDonald
Helene Udy
Scot Denton
Renée Devillers
Emily Wilkinson
Rick Ringer
Larry Horowitz
Gabe Cohen
Jim Carrey
Marla Lukofsky
Jim Tuck
John Lambert
Harvey Atkin
Michael Glassbourg
.....   Judith
.....   Janet Taylor
.....   Merilee
.....   Suzanne
.....   Teacher
.....   Girl #1
.....   Girl #2
.....   T.V. Announcer
.....   Freddy Goodman
.....   M.C.
.....   Tony Moroni
.....   Donna Cherry
.....   Waiter #1
.....   Waiter #2
.....   T.V. Producer
.....   Carlos Smith

Movie Quotes

Tony Moroni: Oh, I say! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, I'm ready. Blast away!

Tony Moroni: Buddy, have I got a car for you. Just look at this heap. No windows, no doors, no engine, you need this gentleman, and I'm gonna sell it to you.

Tony Moroni: I need something that will... show my suave personality.

Tony Moroni: Janet!! Help me prove I have a brain!


Comedy is not pretty.

Big Head. Thin Skin. Numb Skull.

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