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The Itsy Bitsy Spider
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What's it about

An arachnid continually interrupts a young girl's piano lesson prompting the piano teacher to call the exterminator (Jim Carrey).

The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Production Company Hyperion Pictures
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Director Matthew O'Callaghan
Writers Michael O'Donoghue
Jerry Rapp
Producers Willard Carroll
Debora Hayo
Thomas L. Wilhite
Executive Producers Willard Carroll
Thomas L. Wilhite
Composer David Newman
Cast List Jim Carrey
Andrea Martin
Frank Welker
Thora Birch
.....   The Exterminator
.....   Piano Teacher
.....   The Itsy Bitsy Spider
.....   Piano Student

Movie Quotes

Piano Teacher: What is that?
The Exterminator: It's a high-tech microchip thermonuclear light-sensitive radioactive blue-screen laptop computer generator triple decker arachnid detector and etch-a-sketch, any more questions?

The Exterminator: This bug needs killing real bad!!

The Exterminator: Try this you fly-eating son of an egg sack!

The Exterminator: Quitter!! Quitter! Nobody likes a quitter, nobody likes a quitter!

The Exterminator: Warning! Warning! Vaporization of outer latex insulation in progress. Drop and roll! Drop and roll!

Piano Teacher: What's this big thing?
The Exterminator: It's a highly virulent, malodorous toxic poison that upon contact will burn and corrode. You might want to crack a window.

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