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Jim Carrey's Unnatural Act (TV)
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What's it about

During the second season of "In Living Color", Jim Carrey began to prepare a stand-up comedy special. Before the special was telecast on Showtime, in November 1991, Jim's mother passed away. Jim dedicated "Jim Carrey's Unnatural Act" to the memory of Kathleen Carrey (aka "Mommsie").

The special was taped at Theatre Passe Muraille in front of a live audience. Introduced by a group of dancers, Jim did a mixture of celebrity impressions, observational humor and patter about his troubled family.


Production Company Jimmy-Gene, Inc
Distributor Showtime Networks
Director Michael French
Writer Jim Carrey
Producers Eric Gold
Tamara Poirier
Executive Producers Jim Carrey
James Miller
Peter D. Viner
Associate Producer Linda Tremblay
Co-Producer Judd Apatow
Editor Tom Siiter
Cast List Jim Carrey .....   Himself

Movie Quotes

Jim Carrey: I'd like to go a way back now.

Jim Carrey: I couldn't be doing this and doing drugs. No thank you. Besides, drugs can't do this. Only reality can.

Jim Carrey: I spent half my childhood feeling the wall for hot spots. Nine times out of ten it was my father. His favorite cigarette of the day was after dinner during the nap.

Jim Carrey: Madness is never that far away - it's only as close as saying 'yes' to the wrong impulse. Luckily, each of us has that voice inside our heads that says, 'Uh-uh-uh! Turning the car into on coming traffic. . .is counter-productive!' Imagine if we didn't have that voice. I wouldn't be here right now. I'd be in the shark tank at Sea World.

Jim Carrey: I think those subliminal motivation tapes are starting to make a difference. Yeh, I listen to motivation tapes! Think I wanna get stuck in *this* dead-end job? No Siree, no thank you!

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