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The Bad Batch
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What's it about

The aforementioned girl (Suki Waterhouse) is one of thousands of Americans deemed unacceptable to civilized society. While wandering in her desert exile, she is captured by a community of cannibals. She loses an arm and a leg but manages to escape, soon ending up at a place called Comfort, a very different enclave of outcasts lorded over by a groovy cult leader (Keanu Reeves) with a heavily armed and pregnant harem. Our amputee heroine is safe at Comfort but still does not quite feel that she has found her tribe.

On an excursion beyond Comfort's gates, she encounters one of her former cannibal captors (Jason Momoa), who's in search of his young daughter. She can help him find the girl. But can she do it without one of them getting slaughtered in the human-eat-human world where savagery is considered central to survival?

Jim Carrey


Production Companies Annapurna Pictures
Human Stew Factory Production
Distributor NEON
Director Ana Lily Amirpour
Writer Ana Lily Amirpour
Producers Sina Sayyah
Danny Gabai
Executive Producers Eddy Moretti
Shane Smith
Composer Chris Terhune
Cinematographer Lyle Vincent
Editor Alex O'Flinn
Cast List Suki Waterhouse
Jason Momoa
Jayda Fink
Keanu Reeves
Diego Luna
Jim Carrey
Yolonda Ross
Aye Hasegawa
Giovanni Ribisi
Louie Lopez
E.R. Ruiz
Cory Roberts
Joni Podesta
Almayvonne Dixon
Danielle Orner
Mandy Pursley
Alina Aliluykina
Ashleigh Biller
Irene Guindal
Nina Mansker
Emily O'Brien
DaLaura Patton
Lana Walling
Ndea Williams
Eamon O'Rourke
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Movie Quotes

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