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Pecan Pie (Video)
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Director's Series, Vol. 3 - The Work of Director Michel Gondry
Starring Akhenaton, Patricia Arquette, Thomas Bangalter, Jean-Michel Bernard, Björk, Jim Carrey
Released October 28, 2003
Features Beck, Foo Fighters, Kylie Minogue and The White Stripes are some of the musical acts whose videos owe their distinctive look to filmmaker Michel Gondry. Along with music videos from these and other artists, this collection also features some of Gondry's short films (including Jim Carrey in "Pecan Pie") and TV commercials, the two-part documentary "I've Been Twelve Forever," and more. (Region 1)
Publisher Palm Pictures / Umvd
Running Time 400 minutes
Published June 15, 2008

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There is no soundtrack available for this movie.

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